White(s) in COTT



Helm of Effigy
MP Cost: 90
Effect: Berserk on all for 5 Seconds
Effect: Speedy for 5 Seconds
Cooldown: 7 Seconds
HP: +65, Def: +6, Spd: -5
Fame Bonus 5%
Feed Power: 900


This really is just a budget jugg. I can’t see myself using this for any reason whatsoever, even over a tiered helm.
Berserk for 5 seconds is fine, but there’s an 8 second cooldown, which means as opposed to a tiered helm I would be sacrificing a few seconds of dps for no good reason.
Armored for 2.5 seconds isn’t bad, but armored is generally beneficial when running into a large group of enemies while taking minimal damage. Having armor broken as an extra effect after the armored period ends completely ruins the main purpose of armored (especially in glands)

Stat bonuses are meh. You sacrifice an extra 4 def that a tiered helm (or jugg) would give you for 65 hp, and lose speedy (tiered helm) or +5 spd (for a difference of 10) on jugg.

Overall, not one of my favorite ideas, but it has potential.


what would you recommend stat wise for this ?


Remove or lower the -5 spd debuff, change the hp to ~40.

Edit: Ok, you changed the effects completely. Now it’s no different to a tiered helmet, just lower duration and higher cooldown, as well as differing stat bonuses. New ideas are meant to be new ideas, not just complete remake/ripoffs of current items.

On the bright side, the sprite isn’t too bad


How about:

Tier UT
MP Cost 70
Duration 2 seconds
Cooldown 2.5 seconds
Effect Damaging to self, Beserk to self, Paralysed to self
Stat Bonus +12 DEF, +2 ATK
Fame Bonus 5%
Soulbound Yes
Feed Power 700

This way, the player becomes like a statue (similar to the effigy which doesn’t move much iirc) but can deal ruthless dps.



I’m not so sure.


It’s a warrior double buffing itself 2 seconds is more than enough imo


Adding Paralyzed on top of that, and the fact it costs 70 MP, makes it very much not worth it.

Think of it like this. Take your basic Helm… say, Golden Helm. You get:

  • 6 Seconds of Berserk
  • 6 Seconds of Speedy
  • A group buff, rather than a solo one

All for a cost of 85 Mana.

With that, now think of this helm. You get:

  • 2 Seconds of Berserk
  • 2 Seconds of Damaging
  • 2 Seconds of Paralyzed
  • A solo buff, meaning it won’t be good for groups

For a cost of 70 Mana.

Now, let’s go ahead and think of it like this. Let’s say you’re doing a flat 200 damage per second, with no fluctuations. Berserk is 1.5x damage output, and Damaging is 1.5x damage per shot.

Combine those, and you have 2.25x damage. Apply this to 2 Seconds, and you get 400 x 2.25, which is 900.

Now, take just Berserk, but for 6 Seconds. You get 1200 x 1.5, which comes out to… 1800. The difference here is like night and day.

This isn’t even mentioning the Paralyzed vs Speedy, or the MP Cost. Those two are a thing all on their own.


but in the example you used in terms of dps, the average dps of this helm is 900/2.5 (incl cd) = 360.

ghelm would be 1800/7 = ~260.

That’s quite significant. I very rarely find myself hurting for mana on my warrior and i play with a rare pet. the only case when i find i need mana is when im trying to permajugg. The mana cost therefore is negligible.

70 mp cost means a max mana warrior can hit spacebar 3, maybe 4 times with a good pet, in a row. thats a lot of time of double buff.

you forget that in the context of firepower, the warrior is honestly insane.
the only other class that can double buff itself is the mystic, which has 60/55 dps stats and uses a staff.
the warrior has 70/50 and uses a SWORD.

double buffing itself on a warrior is honestly ridiculous already, if it were a group buff it would be way to op to justify in any way imo.


Small bursts like that don’t make up for the fact it’s FAR less mana-efficient. 6 x 1.5 is much better than 2 x 1.5 x 1.5.

Also, if you take pets into account when balancing, you’re doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter what it is; if you have a strong pet, it’s OP either way.

This, again, also doesn’t take into account Paralyzed vs Speedy. Even for 2 Seconds, zero mobility gets you into a lot of danger very quickly, as shots usually don’t move slow. Speedy can also be dangerous, but this would be at fault of player error, not because they’re locked in place.

As for the notion of it being OP with a group buff… the Warrior isn’t meant to be a selfish class, per se. It has a self buff with all helms alongside a group buff(or enemy debuff, in the case of the ST Helm).


You must realize that it’s not meant to replace a tiered helmet, its intended use is to sacrifice mobility for dps. No doubt there are situations when a tiered helm is more effective, propably most situations, but that’s not the point of UTs. This is a very easy godlands dungeon, mind you.


The tradeoffs are not worth it for 2 seconds. You get way too little in that span of time for it to be worth 70 MP, especially with the absurdly unnecessary risk that is the Paralyzed.


  • Cloak of the Planewalker
  • Staff of Extreme Prejudice
  • Demon Blade
  • Doom Bow
  • Wand of the Bulwark

Not an excuse.


Admittedly very useful

Way too situational to consider useful

Debatable, some people love it I personally barely ever use it.

Honestly all those dungeons are significantly harder than thousand treasures anyway. I’m going to have to disagree with you on the point that the tradeoff is too harsh. I have at least 2 days of playtime on my warrior and there are def situations when I would rather double buff myself than move around.

Reminder that the examples you brought up as easy godlands whites are arguable as or more situational that this helm


Let me be frank. These are difficulty measurements.

Now, while these aren’t 100% accurate, also note: Cave of a Thousand Treasures has significantly harder-hitting enemies than Sprite World and Snake Pit. Sprites literally deal around 12-15. Boss is the only thing harder about Sprite World, but that’s one part.

Another thing to note is that the Cave is meant for acquiring potions. They drop from just about every enemy, and the reason the dungeon was even made in the first place was sort of like a specialty dungeon for when Ninja was released. (Kongregate days.) It wasn’t made to be all too hard, but especially wasn’t made to be a godlands dungeon. It barely fits at all with Djinn, let alone among other godlands dungeons.

Why does a dungeon that’s not exactly made to be a godlands dungeon need to have a UT?


im not saying it does, i was just proposing a change to an item idea that this guy had. youre strawmanning


The bottom two parts of the post are that, yes, I’ll admit. However, the first paragraph directly under the portals - and their difficulty rating - are very much valid.


It’s not though. This is a rating system that puts mad lab on par with Lost Halls. Thousand Treasures is pathetically easy. It is, in my opinion, no harder than the sprite world. This helmet change I propose would be in accordance with this. It’s not as powerful as something like Planes, but it’s more useful than EP.


That’s for the 5 Grave dungeons. All of the other ones are fairly accurate. But you do you, boo.


Like I said in over five other threads, I believe COTT is a “vanity dungeon” that let’s players experience new gameplay rather than grinding/loot.

Adding a 900 FP item throws that idea out the window.


If that’s the case, we need to cast Will Smith.