White(s) in COTT



…Nah, I’m good.


I believe you mean tiered helm right? It doesn’t even have armored.


Aladdin? You’ve seriously never heard of that story? It fits Djinn pretty well, I think, with the treasure cave (and people getting stuck in the cave) and the djinn.


When he first posted the idea, it was a budget jugg. It gave berserk for 5 seconds, and armored for 2.5 seconds, then armor broke you for 2.5, with an 8 second cooldown


How does a golden effigy that turns into a black effigy, both of which are resembling Oryx strongly, fit in with Aladdin, though? I’m having a hard time believing that.

If it were ONLY minions, sort of making it like a version of the Santa dungeon but it actually fights back and with less guaranteed loot, maybe I’d understand it. But… it isn’t, and half of the things in the dungeon don’t fit. Giant rats and spinning spiked pillars, as well as flaming floors, all seem farfetched compared to bandits or chest mimics.


I think the booby traps are meant to be a reference to Indiana Jones.


Mmmmmm… you gave me an idea. The warrior helm is gold cause it came for oryx when you slayed him. Say you beheaded him, you could either get his helm or his head. Perhaps another white in the COTT could be a crystal skull, referencing the Indiana Jones theme.


Because 2 of them isn’t enough?


There were 3 in Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


we already have 2 crystal skulls in the game, def don’t need another


Oh right. I literally forgot not everything about the game is fresh in my mind again


I might as well, at this point, just throw in my own take on it. This is under the assumption that TCave would become an actual Godlands dungeon, and not just a specialty dungeon.

I took the whole Paralyzed thing Arex did, but turned it around completely. Not theft, btw.

Effigy’s Remains

The remaining piece of a once beautiful golden effigy. Within it, a dark spirit still lurks, striking paralyzing fear into the hearts of those who face it.
(All particle effects would be #FFAE00.)

Party Effect:
Berserk for 4.5 Seconds in 5 Squares
Enemy Effect:
Paralyzed for 3 Seconds in 3 Squares
On Equip:
+7 Defense
+3 Dexterity
MP Cost: 90
Fame Bonus: 5%
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Feed Power: 700


0/10 budget st helm

Honestly tho isn’t this just outclassed by st helm?


I mean…


…not really?


My mistake I thought st gave beserk


Not only does it not give Berserk, it also has terrible Paralyzed, and it’s also a (poorly made) discount Helm of the Juggernaut. Oh, also, you know that Paralyze that’s 2 Seconds?

Yeah, you have to wait until the HP increase is over to use it again.


:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

then again 250 hp for 10 secs for only 90 mp is freaking insane


NOOO. Do Invulnerable, Paralyzed, and Damaging for 10 seconds.


Because that’s not rediculous op?


I mean Paralyzed on YOU, not on your enemies.