White tick off list


Without vanities: http://prnt.sc/cu4swv With vanities: http://prntscr.com/cu63x1

To make everyones life a little easier and more memorable for your rotmg expeirence i’ve created a list of all the whites for each class or any whites for that matter.

I would upload the photoshop files but many people don’t have it so if you have a software like paint or gimp you can open it up in those and draw a big tick once you’ve gotten the white :).
made by Theegand

Feel free to show off what you’ve got in the comments!

Excuse, the Orb/Scepter from the hive being in the whites :wink:

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well this is mine, its pretty darn pathetic


not that bad xD


Hope that all checkmarks can be seen.


Crown will be mine one day :rage:


rip lods
that list is almost as basically as sad as mine


yeah, I even thought about just saying in which point the lists are different.


you dont have gem, oreo, bearworth, new katana

I dont have esban staff, bulwark, doku (fck this drop rate), puri, conflict, tablet, the old two prisms

Hmm, yours is better actaully.


Decent. Almost all weapons down.


kinda sad a red star thats never gotten a 8/8 and only 4 6+/8 has a better tick list than me and @mynamerr


Yeah lol I never tried to max my characters xD
Anyway I no longer play on the account and use 2 others


My only feedback is that compared to some of the other ones out there (like the one @Scorchmist posted), your images of the whites are a tad-bit small.

I like how it’s organized but it’d be nicer if you condensed it a bit.

Edit: For example in the ‘Classes’ column, instead of listing all the classes, you could simply have ‘dagger classes’ or ‘sword classes’ etc.


Over a span of 10 accounts which i later forgot the password and this being my eleventh account.

Still no cronus to this day/


agreed. also one things that interesting is one version has both bee uts and the other only have the orb?



If bee UTs are included, shouldn’t all other UTs from Forbidden Jungle and Spider den, etc be on here?


Despite playing RotMG regularly, this is all my luck has to offer.



well you should starting doing tombs!
but that is rather saddening.

@shatter before you posted i thought it was just going to be us noobs sharing how bad we are.


Haven’t updated mine in awhile (no siggies).

Still haven’t gotten any shats rings…
Oh, I guess there’s new whites now so I need to update the entire picture. I haven’t gotten any of the new ones, but I want that UT Katana c:


I pray for u.