White tick off list


probably the prize for the people who spend even more $$$ then the “Unbound Supporter”
it makes you infinitely invincible


I found this, apparently it makes you invincible for a day :thinking:


i actually figured out how to completely remove the ones ive gotten


Teach me.


probs photoshop


Go into inspect element and smash that image






Weird list.


I didn’t really care enough to make a template, since Realmeye’s thing will update eventually, so I just shoved the Thicket UTs to the bottom.


please, tear me to shreads




youve never gotten a spirit dag or mwoods white? wow


No motmg whites feelsbadman


Me three.




No dblade? Feelsbad


never gotten a dblade either although i got a reskin dblade in a udl chest event last year


And no puppet prism, although ive ranted about that enough
Dblade isnt super special, I tend to like ut abilities more, except for like ray katana or some ut bows.


some common ones that i dont have are probably

puri, ray, cutlass, harelquin, ava spell, basically all lod whites, all cem whites, most vanity, ogmur (yeah its common now), freaking para speel didnt come to me during the event.

All least i have all shats and tomb