White tick off list


my luck with event whites are rly bad, only 1 gotten legit
am i the only one that doesn’t play during motmg


forgot to mark lab robe lmfao


Do you mean how many of each item you’ve got?


… what’s the difference? I can’t tell what you’re trying to say.


“gotten” would imply that it shows all your items from the past aswell the present. Which would be true if you’ve never died.


but that is what it shows, so no I don’t mean “how many of each item I’ve got”.

I don’t have space in my vault for 55 tomb rings.


oh, how does it know? or is it manual?


you have to update it manually. so some of the larger numbers are estimations since I’ve fed and dropped stuff like sphinx, prot, and nile, but they’re as accurate as I can get them. anything less than 5 on my list is definitely accurate though.


Reviving this thread with a little update… even though i dont think anything has changed


you never got vile, or even t0 prism reskin?


Wait hold on I didn’t mean to cross out the bloody cloak
my hand slipped



My luck with rings and prot… hum…
I noticed that the image don’t have the secluded thicket whites. But neither I have them.

Edit: All the Thicket whites and robe from LoD done


I have been playing this game for nine years now, across two accounts, this account currently nearing it’s eight year mark… and even though I’ve ran hundreds upon thousands of snake pits, the white bag that I want most in this game still eludes me.


No jugg bad 0/10


i don’t have a lot of white bags :frowning:


You literally just got yours.


Yeah and im a straight 10 what about it

No jugg smh bad 0/10


hey guys see this? i have a jugg



format it goodly please this hurts my eyes

wow we are not very happy today are we?

lol i didnt look at those posts? is there a problem lol?