White tick off list


I’ve never gotten the skull either but I’ve gotten 3 of the staff


There’s been so many events for cave tho

Every event I get like 2 or 3 of each


oh I probably missed those, I go in and out of activity a lot.


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the blue ones are the ones i have now :frowning:


Rip puri torment and dswords




IM trash at staying alive but almost all my chars get at least one white


I used Gimp (https://www.gimp.org/) and put the default item list down, the black overlay, and then i would copy the image of the item specifically and just paste it over top and erase the border around it.

Turns out nice.

And @ArexRew, close its at 93% i had thought it looked better darker.


So I made a whitebag tickoff list because I couldn’t find an updated one for the life of me. It actually took me a crazy amount of time as there are currently over 200 whitebags (including sts, machine whites and vanities) therefore I decided to simply share it with the realm community so that people dont have to go make their own as I did.

This picture should fit the discord dark theme background, if you dont like that simply put the picture in a drawing software of sorts and change it yourself by making a new layer and either adding a background picture or using the fill tool which your program of choice should have to make a one colored background.
Here is the same picture but with lines on it which should exactly fit an 8x8 sprite at least good enough to update the tierlist yourself if you’d like to.
There should be enough space to add reskins which weren’t included.

This tickoff list was made for me to be able to make a “chasing the holy grail” kinda goal for my stream at twitch.tv/melkisen, please check it out if you’d like. If you dont know what chasing the holy grail means its a phrase that originated from diablo 2 that means to basically try to get every legendary item which would be whitebags / sts in realm.

If the tickoff list isn’t updated you can contact me at Wood#0831 on discord and if I feel like it I will update it, otherwise it’s supposed to be “self-updatable”


Jakisaurus’s latest version of muledump has a built-in white bag tracker you can use, it even allows you to keep track of how many of an item you’ve gotten rather than whether or not you’ve gotten it at all. check it out here. only thing that irks me a bit is that it also includes unreleased whites and admin-only whites for some reason. still, it’s much less hassle than trying to make your own and update it manually. I notice yours doesn’t appear to have any reskins or alien whites (cores, reactors, armors), jaki’s does on the other hand so that’s a plus. although your own list contains ST’s while jaki’s does not, because they don’t actually drop in white bags.

up to you which way you want to do it.


I didnt know that, I think I will keep using mine as I wanna track sts and I dont track reskins anyways. But thank you for mentioning it to anyone who would want to use that.


Where do I find this feature?



top right corner of an account has a menu here, whitebag tracker is one of the options.

you can also open the menu by right-clicking anywhere on an account instead of the menu icon.


Lmao I succ


my eyes hurt from thoes lines


I wouldn’t consider this good, but I guess it’s decent?

I don’t understand how I got two FDBAs, but haven’t gotten a single Planewalker, though. I find that quite disturbing.

And IDK why the STs are there…


big oof hope u get a good ability white soon :wink:


Those are what I’m going for, yeah.


My luck with ring is still bad, but with more style now :smiley: