White tick off list


I joined in 2010, and again in 2011. (First account was hacked).
It’s been almost a decade of running thousands upon thousands of snake pits, and I have never gotten a bulwark.


Updated my White List bc i have time to burn. >[]<

Green ticks mean I got them, red circles mean I am making efforts to get them (or I just want them in a realistic scenario).

Wasted a large portion of my life and still haven’t gotten all of the whites that I want.
Haven’t gotten any of the Alien/Fungal whites other than DBow and Ray.


oh i should probably update mine


Is there an updated chart?


hmm im not sure


Idk if this is fully updated, but here’s mine


the oryx agent weapons are missing


Each one has its own embarassing story of how I lost it.

The tail didnt even get out of the bag before I dced…

Also, I had the sword only


red means obtained, but not from normal drop location (i.e. trading, st chests, quest chests, prismimic)
Blue means obtained from normal drop location


how are u still light blue do u only play 1 class?


Your star color here doesnt update if you never log out, though I guess he just uses an alt account for the forum


i guess


Yeah, his main is Roguegamma


EDIT: got my first fallen wand a little after I posted this lmfao


any color that wasn’t black would have worked on that dark gray background lmao


tried to give more visibility to the ones I’ve not gotten yet rather than the ones I’ve already gotten


You can’t see the items anymore when they’re fully covered in black


God has joined the chat.


wait you aren’t Xaklor :thinking: