White tick off list


meme whites marked off in red because I don’t care about them much
blue means I’ve gotten the original of a reskin (or the ‘reskin’ of the ‘original’ in the case of beehemoth)


Can you provide us with a template?






wow you have almost all of them. I have 5 of the ones u r missing Kinda makes my ego a lot bigger


I’m sorry, did you just tag the Cheater Armors as “meme whites”? Honestly disgraceful.




Note: I actually haven’t gotten the golden archer ring



Dimmed out means that I haven’t gotten it yet


Too lazy to use the full list, but here’s a year of looting the realm!

Didn’t include the reskins I got from tinkerer


I just realised I’m luckier on some STs than I thought


That graph is ah… slightly outdated lol


because i have plenty of time, i guess ill do this again


still missing a lot


Can you feel me judging you for not having a foramite staff lol


no. i dont run forax.

actually wait i did a small guild one once and got the acidic slasher.



had the time and felt like it, heres what I haven’t gotten yet


Where can i find an updates tick off list?