White tick off list


My white tick off list, both as a cross out and removal.

I really want the Venom and Plague poison… And I literally only have 1 o3 white…


Uh, no. I think you have it backwards. The whited out ones are those I have, the ones that are remaining are those I don’t have. Per example, I have a Cdirk, so it isn’t on there, however I don’t have enforcer, so it is not ticked off.


Ohhhhh. Yeah I did have it backwards. Alright


@Maddymoon as well, all of my colo swords came from the ut forge, so even though i’ve had probably about 10 of them, I forged them all. I won’t check off colo sword until I get it as a drop


Oops forgot cheater light armor


Looking back on this post now. I noticed that you can really tell who’s a long time veteran of the game just by seeing how many whites are ticked off.

People who started a month ago and do endgame discords right away may not have the limited edition whites, as well as reskins, and perhaps even whites that are hard to get outside of discord raids. Thus their list are not as fully fleshed out. Those who farmed over years, even pre discord era would have way more whites ticked out.

You might think that two people with o3 whites are both veterans, but what if one knows how to rush tombs, while the other doesn’t? That means the person that rushed tomb has lived in an era where tombs were the only source of life. Personally I think that is more veteran than someone who is better than the former tomb rushers at o3s.


Not necessarily. Personally, when I started playing, tombs had already been in the shadow from Lost Halls for a while, yet I still learned how to rush tombs, and got good at it. I may be an exception, but this isn’t a conclusive way to determine who is or isn’t more of a veteran.


Kek I learnt to rush Tomb by myself without anything helping me.


Kek, who tf needs to learn to rush tombs? Just run to the sarcs


I mean, it’s not that hard. Could be because I played when tomb was still the source of life, but, well, nobody does tombs these days. The event rl from a server im in didn’t even know what clean tomb was.


in hindsight,i think WanDwarf may’ve meant that people now don’t learn to rush tombs because it’s no longer in the meta, not necessarily because it’s difficult


Proceeds to get paralyzed and get AB’ed by the turrets


You can sit on a few of the turrets on a 0/8 and never die