White tick off list


Still got some work to do, especially every shatters and o3 white


(not including forging or trading)

Correction: I have had a spectral spell, cuffs.



I’ve gotten Vangaurds Visage (was on testing but idc im checking it off cuz i consistently complete first lol)
All the bnexus whites!
Yellow quiver!
And Dire Instablity
since the last update!
Currently, I’ve been working on learning shatters, as well as actively hunting court of oryx whites. Next ones I’m grinding for will be the thicket ones, then reef, then htt.
Saving htt for last because when people join court they most frequently want htt so i do that with them



Not my white tick off list, but a mini PSA. (my list can be found here, though)

I updated the Loot Containers page with all the new sheaths. Since many people use it as their white tick off list, I thought it would be useful to share this here.

If you see anything that’s wrong or missing, please send me a message on RealmEye or discord (fincy#1199), or add it yourself, any help with the wiki is greatly appreciated.


E- luck