Why can't we throw poisons at o2 barrels, and destroyable tiles in the realms?




Nonliving objects tend to be unaffected by poisons in real life.


idk if you were trolling or not, but I meant that as a serious question, but either way, nonliving objects are affected by spells in real life?

i think anything destroyable should be treated like the targets in the guild hall (poisons work on them).


That’s because those targets are counted as non-static objects, whereas the barrels are counted as static.
I have no idea how that exactly works, but I’m presuming Wild Shadow didn’t want assassins to potentially affect “static” game objects like trees, so they just made anything with that tag immune to poisons.


How about acids that can eat through metal armors?


I mean, if we’re really going to play the game of realism, not only are acids and poisons completely different, I don’t know of any poison in-game that makes use of acid. The only one that seems to be able to actually corrode metal lore-wise is the Crystal Venom. Even so, I can’t see a clear point on why breaking walls using poisons is an important addition to the game.



Then necromancer would also be able to heal from those


Its not. I just wanted to tease you.

Still, taking down trees in the highlands would be good for fights that take place there, for example lord of the lost lands.


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