Why Crawling Depths is STILL poorly designed


In the very last phase of the boss fight, Arachna begins to avoid your character. This means you have to give chase to this boss while running through slowing webs.

This is a very unfair advantage given that this boss can insta-pop almost any 8/8 character if it decides to go mach 4 in the other direction, towards you.

Basically if you are a character with 5 or less range, you can’t get anywhere close enough to them to actually do damage without putting yourself in a situation where you can die in less than any reasonable reaction time could be lent to.

And don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about the game being unforgiving, but this is quite honestly outrageous. A large portion of the game consists of having to predict enemy paths and shot patterns, but this is practically completely unpredictable.

Also, tell me another boss that can have .02% of its hit points left and STILL instapop you from behind a slowing shield, its fucking awful! What makes it worse is that this dungeon is pretty much the best way to get defense!!! What the fuck dude!!!


I haven’t had much trouble dealing with this boss solo as a melee. I find that generally the safest strategy is to be near the eggs when they die and give the spider space if it’s near a wall during last phase. Another detail about the final phase is that the slow webs only go around the arena, while the damage webs form the spokes, meaning you can push it along the outer edge without getting slowed at all.

CD plays an important, reliable source for valuable potions for me and I start farming it as soon as I hit level 20 regardless of character without any fear. It just takes witnessing/experiencing the instapop enough times before one acquires a proper amount of respect to play around it. This goes for everything in the game that’s lethal.


Your experiences are not universal.


if you can’t react to the boss moving towards you as slowly as he does then it’s really your fault. I’ve never seen a single person instapop to final phase of new depths, regardless of speed or range.


I thought you were gonna complain about all the other phases and I was gonna come in here and rant saying cdepths is very predictable and well designed…

But yeah, that last phase is super annoying ESPECIALLY on a melee. Wouldn’t mind seeing it slightly changed.


What’s weird to me is I always thought the last phase was the easiest because it was almost the exact same as pre-constructed Cdepths. It used to be the moment I felt comfortable again when I was trying the new cdepths for the first few times.


Isn’t the strategy for the melee is to bait the boss into charging at you by slowly pushing it towards the wall, then lead your shots as it charges to hit it?


That is very clever. My strategy is usually just have an inventory full of ichors and drink them when the spider gets too close.


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