Why did my main get banned for no reason


It is not a crasher ban wave.


What might it be then? I assumed that deca was cracking down on crashers


Not sure of the cause as of now, but there seems to be a wave of false bans in the past 24 hours. You are not alone; I was also banned last night in the false ban wave.

Just be patient and wait, support IS looking at this right now. If you do not hack, you have NOTHING to fear.


now this is kind of scaring me out, getting banned for no reasons


can’t be banned if you don’t make an account


when u have one


weird, could be some kind of glitch or whatsoever, have u used a famebot? or crashed any private dungeons?
or maybe be offensive in chat?


What if you miss a day of login rewards :cold_sweat:



i want that skin so badly.


I think it actually is, they addressed it just a few days ago


no reason isn’t good enough


I was banned as well. both my main and my alt accounts were banned for “suspicious activity” so yea. I emailed deca and they gave beack both of my accounts.


They already are, just not in waves.

Anyone that’s been crashing my group has faced the hammer within a day or two. It’s :ok_hand:

some of the now unbanned ones still try, we say “leave please” and they actually do cause they know we got em by the balls if they do not. Amazing!


So do I, so that way I can feed it. Lol.


Hmu with some of ur connections I wanna be able to do that in pub halls runs lol


What if you crash your own dungeon :thinking:


email deca to let you stay up to date it might work it might not /shrug


Not a crasher wave, I got banned too and I never crash


wait i didnt think of that



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