Why do Escutcheon beams never show?


Will deca ever fix this? Scripture beams show, but these don’t. Same with divinity.


Prolly may have to do with creating additional lag if it shows the beam.


The reason why the gold beams aren’t shown is because Divinity’s beams are server-side and all beams striking down at once would be disorientating and in places like Oryx 3, it would cause mass panic and confusion. Scripture is are client-side it wouldn’t have the same problem. So no, it is not a bug.


Scripture beams aren’t client side. Deca has no excuse.


During initial testing, it was somewhat buggy in terms of rendering. Sometimes it would show up, other times it wouldn’t. On top of that, it can still cause confusion with O3’s own beams, considering those are far more present than Leucoryx’ dark beams.

It’d bee nice if it’d get a slightly edited sprite to differentiate itself if it does eventually get added.


can’t you just turn ally projectiles off?


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