Why do people hate cults?


I personally find them enjoyable and don´t understand the hate they get.

The UT items are fun.
The loot is more consistent, at least for me.

And yet, I am often disappointed to find no runs on the discord.
People hate them, the Raid Leaders often use them as threats. I get voids are more profit but cults get so much unwarranted hate.


People don’t hate them, people simply like voids more because you don’t have to find all flames, get more fame and loot and there are more uts and new tops dropping from there


Ive seen hate for the UTs as well.


i hope u havent seen hate for the skull
ok the skull isnt great but the sprite is frickin awesome IMO


The scull IS great.
And I see hate on ring and robe the most. They are op but people only care about wizard so


i can definitely see hate on robe and ring.
Staff I can see some hate because of the quirky attack, but I also feel that they would recognize that it is still a really op staff if used correctly


ppl dont hate. its just that void is more beneficial


That’s almost true. Cults almost always give 3 pots, whereas voids lean closer to 2 and mch doesn’t guarantee life/mana but voids could potentially drop way more


I’d think people prefer voids because:

  1. They’re faster and less tedious to do since all you need to do is find the Marble Defender

  2. There’s a higher chance for more rare, powerful and highly desirable UTs (ie Colo sword, Mseal, Vbow, Omni) as compared to the cult, only offering 4 UTs. The 4 UTs are still powerful nonetheless, but people prefer the former UTs instead.

  3. There’s more fame to be gained from a void run. Even if a cult run were to full clear the entire LH, including the hideout, they’d get significantly less fame than if they were to do a void run instead. The void run already guarantees 81 fame, and more if the group had to clear rooms on the way, compared to the Cultist’s ~27 guaranteed fame.

I believe these are the 3 reasons why people prefer Voids over Cultists. I honestly don’t hate either, and now that I’ve gotten every white except 2 of the cultist whites, the former is more appealing to me, but more people want the items offered by Void mainly instead


I think the skull is really good and severely underrated. The only thing is 3 of the 4 whites are niche and are either suboptimal (the use of bloodshed ring) or used on weak classes (lets be realistic). The skull is insane to have when one necro is brought to the run for the curse due to its dps boost. But outside that, meh, the amount of warriors with bee helm outweighs the need for it. The staff is the only whitebag desirable to most people. Whereas every MBC white is fantastic (yes I think potato is fantastic) and Voids have some solid items to flex (Bow and Sourcestone are highlights).


I love cults cause theyre so easy after running a lot of them. I like the staff on mystic so i can berserk and shoot without stasising my targets. If I have the ring and robe, I always put them on my wismod robe classes. Not to mention the high likelyhood of getting multiple life

I hate how hard mbc and void are, mostly due to the lag but also due to the fact that its very hard to dodge most shots and because of the status hell.
But I love the UTs. Vbow is the most powerful in the game. Shadow quiver makes glands and soloing glands dungeons super quick and easy. Omni is a pretty great ring, sourcestone is great on a lot of classes, nil is amazing for defense, breastplate is too. All the mbc whites are unique and can change gameplay completely. Most new tops arent all that worth it if its your sole purpose of doing voids, but they are also a pro if you happen to get one.

If you are rich and dont need the life (unlike me) and you are a good enough player with a good computer (unlike me) void is much better than cult. And the people who have done hundreds of runs probably fit all hose descriptions.


Voids give more than 80 fame whereas cults don’t give nearly as much

Also voids give you chances for new tops and the more popular sets

Plus omni


ehhh voids in my oppinion are better bc u have 2 opportunities for whites and in my case for me i have NEVER GOTTENa cult whites, while i have gotten 2 mbc whites and 4 void whites (still no new weapon tops :(). i have completed over 200 voids and ~150 cults

my realmeye wont show cuz sometimes i simly nexus after i get my loot


The skull isn’t amazing, I’d prefer to use one of my ST skulls or Shaitan skulls over it.
Staff is fun but not a good main.
Robe is good, but the level of difficulty in getting one outweighs it’s benefit over just using a t13 or another UT.
Ring isn’t really that good.

depends, I used to get more loot from cults but it switched over near the end of me playing the game actively, this is entirely dependent on the person’s luck.

because vials are either backed up a shit ton from the old runs, people are duping them, or people are getting them from solos.

because people would rather go with the thing they see as more profitable, and the realm community, in general, is pretty fucking toxic lmfao


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