Why do spam bots always wear ghost of skuld set?


Also, how do they level up?


They probably get them from the shops that they advertise for. I’ve seen bots level up from a few different methods, like just sitting on the beach forever, or walking on the roads, or maybe the owner of the bots level them up first or something


pretty sure I’ve seen some with a twilight archmage set


iirc the bots on the beach are notifiers and the ones that run the midlands let you negate tp cooldown by allowing you to invite them to your guild and tp to them.


Likely through duping, trading, and duping again.


I would guess it’s a form of advert: “look you can buy this”. It also makes them stand out in Nexus. Don’t know how they level up but they could do so quickly with decent gear.


Also, Deca seems to never bother doing a ban sweep of the nexuses (grumble), so some of these accounts have been around for a long time.


I feel like these should be the easiest to ban? Is it just cause DECA’s too lazy to do and it they’ll just pop back up?


Even assuming work is done by the RWTers to get new accounts up after they are banned, that’s still 4 items lost (sure, potentially a drop in the bucket, but better than nothing) and more importantly, the time spent to get those accounts above the 10 star threshold.
Whatever method they do to get the accounts above 10 stars would still have to take some time and likely some manual effort from the creator. And even assuming at least some of the accounts were hijacked from innocent players, avoiding manual work to have to get the star rank higher, there isn’t an infinite source of those.

I honestly believe Deca just doesn’t care. It isn’t hard to ban bots. It can be easily outsourced to volunteers and even if Deca doesn’t want to give volunteers any sorts of moderation tools this is not difficult for Deca themselves to take a look at even every week or so, or even every month at least. With volunteers, likely at an even higher frequency.
But these bot accounts have been alive for over a year. Deca clearly hasn’t even bothered to even mute them, because if they were muted then the creators of those bots would have switched accounts to one that isn’t muted so they can continue advertising. All we can do as players is just stare at them as they face zero punishment and continue promoting ToS-violating content, and these are just the spambots. I’m not even going to go into the bots used for other ToS-violating content that are just as easy for Deca to ban but that Deca just lets run.

Deca just doesn’t care.


Deca doesn’t care because people who RWT are most likely whales


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