Why don't loot pots come in pairs anymore?


Remember when loot pots always came in pairs? the orange Vfg0tgf and the purple yUttM9V one? I realize we have the lucky clovers, but it’s quite OCD-inducing just using the purple one all the time, and only getting that as a reward lol ><


Anyway… nowadays you get more loot - even without any loot boost active - than ever before. Just see them as a joke and consume as if it were beer. :wink:


Are you talking about in Daily calendar reward?


in general
for the past few years, whenever you’re rewarded a loot pot, it’s just the purple one without the orange one
they used to come in pairs before

there was a time when i’d save up the purple ones, i think until last year, thinking we’d be rewarded the orange ones to complement the purple ones, until i realized we’re never gonna get the orange ones (albeit, maybe 1 or 2 here and there), so i drank all of the purple ones i had