Why don't more players make RotMG music?


I ask in reference to the community as a whole, not to the official composers since that’s literally their job. I know music is hard, but so it making visual art, and I see a lot of fan art and fan-made sprites for the game. I’ve also seen a lot of ideas for reworks of content, new content entirely, overhauls, fanfics, etc. Music is the one facet of the game that I’ve rarely seen players delve into, and the few RotMG-based songs I’ve seen are just remixes of the main theme. It’s somewhat embarrassing that when I type into the YouTube search bar “rotmg ust,” the top results are my own songs! (Mind you that I did this signed out, but you can try it for yourself too.) Not that I’m embarrassed of the community, but more so because it’s my work that gets shown first.

Sandwiched in between those songs is a video that doesn’t at all focus on the music of the game but has substantially more views. That’s how untouched this part of the game is! I know that fan-made RotMG music isn’t nonexistent before my time, such as Bickuribox12’s few rock guitar covers of songs or even original music, but it still feels minuscule compared to the many comics, sprites, and almost everything else that the community has made. Do most people just have limited access to music-making software, or a lack of confidence in their ability to learn making music? Am I just going crazy obsessing over one of many RotMG fan works? Did I remember to take my pills today?!

I’m not trying to convince unwilling people to slave away at FL Studio or whatever, but I’m both baffled and disappointed at how little of (and how little variety there is within) fan-made music. I just want to know why that’s the case.


Honestly my best guess is that out of all the avenues of creativity for fan content, music is the one that takes up the most time and effort.

You can fairly easily teach yourself how to edit and script videos within even just a month with use of tutorials.
Spritework a lot of times at the beginning is trial and error with what colors and shapes work well, and eventually putting things together.
Music is a lot tougher. Learning which instruments/sounds work in tandem for what kind of genre. The intricacies of the various softwares out there. Add even another layer if you want lyrics like MattyFatty’s cover of the OG theme.

Or just probably the biggest driving factor; Interest. Some people just don’t have much of an interest in producing music, but would rather put their effort into other topics.


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