Why is there so much outdated information on the wiki?


So lately, I’ve been editing stuff on the wiki. Mostly outdated information and bad formatting. I just have a simple question. Why so much outdated stuff? The Deadwater Docks guide was completely outdated, the Magic Woods guide was so barebones, and even guides for midgame dungeons like Toxic Sewers and Abyss of Demons were outdated. I’m just wondering, why so much outdated info?


Can’t give a educated answer. But my guess is lazyness lol
Though thanks king, I would give gold for your hard work, but can’t.


Pretty much all guides on the wiki were written a very long time ago. But as time went on no one really bothered to write guides anymore, or update guides when a dungeon was updated, or let alone write a guide for newly released dungeons…

I don’t think I’ve seen you around in the Wiki Contribution discord server. Here’s an invite if you want to join:

Thank you for updating guides on the wiki, hopefully we can create some good looking, informative, and readable guides for every dungeon!


The most important thing on the Wiki is stats, as it serves as pretty much the only reference on them. Stats includes classes, items and enemies in probably order of importance, but all are useful.

Guides of any sort are lowest priority. They often offer advice you can find elsewhere, such as here, on Reddit, on Youtube. For many people they would rather play the game to learn the intricacies of each new dungeon or event. And they’re probably hardest to do, or hardest to do well, as you’re not reciting facts but are trying to offer advice to a wide audience of classes and skill levels.


Thank you so much! I’ve been kind of in the dark about wiki editing and just stumbled into my own way of editing. Also, it’s a shame no one really cares about wiki guides anymore. Sure, experience is the best teacher, but it’s still nice to have a reference for tips. Also, I just don’t like seeing wrong or outdated information. It’s a sort of pet peeve for me.


Well, there’s a lot of outdated stuff on the wiki. Please join the discord server and if you ever have any questions you can ask there, or just discuss wiki related things there.


In my case, and I’m sure others are in this boat, we don’t edit the wiki simply because we never have, and as we do not have the experience, we’re too afraid of seriously fucking it up and would rather leave it slightly wrong than ruin the page


Fair enough. It’s not the community’s duty to fix the wiki.

That’s the kind of mentality I had before editing. I was so afraid of doing things wrong, so I just edited small things like links. Later on, I caught on how to edit other things like formatting and images. While yes, sometimes it’s just best to leave things as they are, I personally want to help this wiki become the best version it can be with each update, and with the experience I gained, I’m confident I can do my part in helping.


Well, it is community maintained.

When I started editing the wiki I had this a little bit as well. But, no one is going to flame you for messing something up. I’m always happy seeing names I haven’t seen before on the recent changes page.

If you want to edit a page but don’t know how or what you actually have to do, please just send me or other active wiki moderators a message, we’re happy to help. Either a message on discord or realmeye is fine, the link to the server is here:

If you want to complain about the wiki, I’m always listening, please don’t be afraid to reach out.


Morale is low


all the doomposts and declining player counts have definitely affected my morale

i am a lot less motivated to edit recently


Worry not brothers, for though times may seems bleak, with the poorly balanced items, badly paced beginnings, and lack of players in general, I shall promise to uphold as much information as possible on this wiki, even if no one else will! If this game will go down in flames, then I shall at least help it go down with a spectacle (at least whenever I feel like it).