Why is trading disabled in USWest nexus?


not sure if this is game discussion or Q&A, but yeah… everything is soulbound in uswest nexus ATM


Oh. So I wasn’t going crazy. That’s good to know. Trading fortunately still works in Realms, though.


trading only works in nexus for me :confused:

(on aus)


Something something, Nexus counts as realm somehow, realm closed = no trading…?
Iunno, I did hear some vague reports about like, people seeing Oryx’s announcement while in the vault, so that may bee it?


no, it’s been an all day thing yesterday (i think the day before too)… not sure about today because i haven’t signed on yet

it was only in the nexus of USWest (someone pointed out to me we had to switch servers to trade [so we did])



also no valentine event in aus 2 days ago