Why Nerf Pets?


This may go against popular opinion, but I see no reason for DECA to nerf pets.
Some may argue that divines heal at 90hp/sec, but that is fine with me because it does not directly affect your character anyway.
And I do not understand how someone else having a high heal/mheal pet steals your soulbound.
Just my opinion.
Roast me on a spit if you want.


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It removes the entire point of vitality, I’m fine with pets being strong, just don’t make them negate stats

That’s not anyone’s problem with it, their problem is them destroying entire aspects of the game

Because of pets

  1. The regen effect of vit and wis is nearly pointless
  2. Rushing dungeons becomes easier, dungeons were not made to be rushed
  3. this game can no longer be a proper bullet hell, every dungeon in order to kill people now has to have a pet-stasis spam or instapop effect, which is just annoying, because of the power of pets and dungeon that whittles your health down bit by bit has to also spam pet stasis and sick to stop the heal, but that also stops the more strategical effect of electric, so if they want to keep that they resort to sick spam, which makes priest and necro so much worse in this dungeon, pets have destroyed the option of making a proper bullet hell out of an end game dungeon and ends up hurting the game so much more than they help it


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Check again next time you lose 90 health


If dungeons are made for people with a legendary pet, that affects everyone.


One of the big reasons why DECA has not nerfed pets is because it would sorta cause a massive movement among the people who have been used to their pets for a while.

Better to just have small protests rather than a full scale rebellion, I suppose.

Also, this is one of those highly controversial topics I don’t usually participate in. I don’t know why I’m here. Bye now


you’re starting to make me want pets to be removed entirely


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saying water is wet is basically saying pets aren’t op.


@Nameness @Djck


Hmm it’s a difficult one to sum up without writing a wall of text. I’ll go with:

They can choose to set pet heal levels at whatever they want, and the Rotmg that’s produced is affected by the decision. Eg. when there was no pets: lots of healers and few melees, Current Rotmg: lots of melee.

I believe that knocking down (very slightly!) the pet heal would result in an overall better Rotmg Experience™ so that’s why I advocate for it.

One thing that complicates it, is hackclient still being a thing, I mean until that’s taken out of the picture it’s all based on false observations anyway.


If the fuse and feed costs were smoothed out slightly, I think that’d at least make the process of getting a decent pet easier for players.

Of course, slightly toning down pets might also slightly improve the situation - but some dungeons are made with the pets pre-such a nerf taken into account, so those might have to be adjusted as well.


Basically this. Pets are so strong that the game has to be made with them in mind and that obviously affects everyone and leaves the decision to simply not use your pet no longer possible because it won’t be the same experience as if nobody had pets. The sewers never would have existed and the lost halls would have never been so hard if not for pets and it’s causing a lot of frustrating ways being added to actually kill characters because it’s so hard to die with a good pet.


maybe they should just be removed entirely…





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Do an endgame dungeon run with a divine pet and another run with no pet, then tell me how 90 HP/sec doesn’t directly affect your character.

I think pets need a nerf, but not in the sense of a flat stat deduction. Instead, change how they are applied. For Heal, implement an out of combat system so that you only receive ~25% of your pet’s healing rate and power when you are actively in combat, but get the full benefits when you’re safe and just waiting to recharge your HP. This would give more importance to VIT when you’re in the heat of battle while also ensuring that pets can’t make you nearly immortal against anything without a shotgun. No direct stat changes necessary, but they’re already a far more balanced game mechanic this way.

For MP Heal, just give it diminishing returns over time if you spam your ability too much. That way it helps you use your ability more often, but doesn’t completely trivialize mana and wisdom by making it so you can spam infinitely without ever fearing a lack of magic. This is especially obvious on classes like the Rogue and Warrior where abilities have a more prominent cooldown period. After a certain level of MP Heal from your pet, it becomes impossible to run out of MP because you make a full recovery before the base cooldown has even completed. This system would make people think twice about spamming their ability carelessly, but still allow for more ability usage overall.


Hey, your in UGC, plz legitimately recommend this


It’s not like the ideas aren’t out there, it’s just that changing pets is something that needs to be done extremely carefully since it would have such a massive impact on the game. A change like that can’t be done haphazardly. I’m hopeful that we’ll see pet changes someday, but with a number of things already on Deca’s plate (namely Unity), I think it’s for the best that they don’t attempt anything at the moment. Better to concentrate on more urgent matters and get to pets when the time is right.


How would you implement that? By tracking player movement?!