Why Reddit is full of shit and you should riot


Theorizing that another enemy will pop up to replace a given one, is an invalid argument based on fear. If that happens, I’ll be there too.


I forgot you’re a huge narcissist so i’ll just give you a detailed response that will make all happy.



Pot calls kettle black.

EDIT Arguments like that are exactly why I rarely even read replies, let alone dignify them with a response… but this is my riot and I can cry too if I want to.



Zxcv doesn’t even have a pet. Why in the world would he RWT?
I agree that the fact that he is the mod of the rotmg-trading board is somewhat controversial, but that in no way means he RWTs.
Zxcv is a very good mod and he is very good at what he does, which is leading #Rotmg. To be honest, I doubt he even looks at the rotmg-trading board.

Let’s just get this clear.


Agree with every thing you say, he is a great mod though I still [Removed] him


No that doesn’t clear anything up, he doesn’t use a pet because he doesn’t need one. Hacks and notifiers are OP already AND with a pet he would be losing profit. Go find his r / muledump and tell me that is not someone who maxes people at a fucking whim.


As long as he continue to link the trading subreddit in the sidebar he is full of shit and cancer. End of story.


for one it was probably kasu that put the link there


Apparantly it’s to give the rwt people a place instead of them infesting their actual forums


Um, yup, totally hacking:


this, wish I had remembered that


They delete the other spam, your reasoning is flawed.


@PaXrat take a deep breath, count to ten, and calm down. Refer to the forum rules and stop with the personal insults that add absolutely nothing to discussion. Why is everyone so angsty tonight?


I didn’t get personal with anyone who didn’t open fire first.

This thread is mocking a reddit mods post today about the importance of rules in communities.

I find them to be hypocrites on a level with mother poo gamer helpers.


Please keep in mind the category you’re posting to. Game Discussion.

If you feel like this is something Deca should hear about you’re very welcome to contact them directly (https://www.realmeye.com/forum/t/how-to-contact-deca-games-support/185) but keep personal attacks off this category.

If you feel like you have something constructive to say please do go on however

Encouraging things like doxxing (regardless of your intention) is enough to warrant a final warning.

Now take from this comment what you like, but this place you’re posting in is a place for discussion. It’s not a place for witch hunting or scheming to spam subreddits.


I encouraged doxin their characters to Deca you can read into thing however you like to shutdown a discussion Oh great and powerful and venerable mod. Its funny how you and your brother both have to post about it eh Mafia? You guys are all in invested parties and even proven / banned hack users.

Exactly on queue its in the whine cellar.

You are cancer Mr. BMJ. Thanks for nothing.


Resorting to Ad Hominem?

Enjoy your ticket to Whine Cellar.


This could have been a fine discussion.

I’m sorry that you chose to take the personal attacks further.

Call us fascists, moderator nazis, whatever terms you want to pull from a tin foil cap but I’m in this thread for one reason: to make sure it’s a Game Discussion. Sadly, this isn’t.

Thread locked.