Why The Assassin Desperately Needs a Buff


feedback/criticism is greatly appreciated



0:51 – Yes, you have to throw a poison. Same goes for traps.
1:10 – T6 Spell does deal 2450 DMG, except you have to land all of the shots, and let’s be real – what are the odds of you doing that while dodging? The poison just so happens to deal DMG to all enemies in its AOE range, meaning if you hit three enemies, congratulations, you just tripled its effect. You’re in a monster-packed dungeon and you hit ten enemies? Slap on a x10 to the ability damage. I don’t care if I have to burn a bit more MP. That seems like a pretty good deal to me.
1:55 – “The Assassin’s niche is to deal a burst of damage over a large radius.” The Assassin’s niche is actually to deal AOE damage over time. Very different.
2:04 – If you compare a T6 poison to a UT spell that drops from an endgame dungeon, yeah, that’s the result you get.
2:30 – Poisons are abilities. Doku’s a weapon (a katana, in fact, so there’s literally no relation). They’re incompatible, so I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two.

Your points don’t really start making sense until half way through the video when you pull out the DPS graphs, and even then, you’re completely ignoring the fact that poisons can deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. Not only that, but you’re also able to damage monsters during invulnerability if you time the poison correctly.

Could there be a larger poison variety to open up his gameplay? Absolutely. And I don’t disagree with the fact that many see the Assassin as a bad class. But I seriously don’t think you’re giving him enough credit. While he may not be the best at any one particular aspect of the game, his relatively high SPD cap makes him a decent choice for rushing, and he’s able to deal quite a chunk of damage like I said already. If you don’t feel like moving close to enemies or TPing around dangerously, a reduction in power is only fair, especially if you want to retain higher-than-melee range and leather armor.

Should DECA buff the Assassin? Sure. That benefits me xD. But does he need one desperately? I don’t really think so. I think all he needs is more ability options and the opportunity to shine more (like unique perks for future UT poisons). A straight up DPS boost won’t really cut it. Why? Because that’s not what the Assassin was going for in the first place. For the most part, being a fast, powerful class is the Ninja’s job. Buffing a class’s DEX and ATK stats might sound good on paper, but that’s not too different to the power creep issue that O3 brought up (only this time, it’s not with items). You can end of overshadowing other classes because one class takes the role of another. Even if it’s a small buff, it just ends up being an unnecessary foundation for a broken character.

Just some food for thought. I like how your videos are clean and organized. Keep 'em coming! :heart:

TL;DR: I think the Assassin’s more or less fine already. And if it does ever get a bump up, it shouldn’t have to do with DPS.


just wanted to say i do truly appreciate the comment/criticism ^^

looking back at the video whilst looking at your points have made me realise that there were actually a quite few glaring issues with the script, you raise alot of great points.

And yeah, just a monke DPS boost just adds to the ever-present issue of power-creep so it could probably use a little mechanical tweaking rather than just raw damage.

Again, thanks for the criticism, i’ll keep the things you mentioned in mind when I next write a script similar to this video so i’m not just waffling for half of it lmao. :heart:

p.s i do think sin definitely does need some form of buff/rework but the “desperately” was just to get attention plsdonthatemethx<3


Basically bumping this because it needs more attention, lol.
But seriously. I actually forgot that assassin was a class =x
My main gripe with it is that the poison takes a long time to land. I feel like it should be made more usable and versatile


This. The problem is that poisons mostly are variants on doing damage, more or less quickly, over a greater or smaller area, with a few quirks like getting you drunk (!). The only one that’s really transformational is Crystallised Fang, in that it breaks armour. But that is massively OP and so very rare. And it still suffers from the flaw of other poisons:

None of them change how you play. You throw poisons to do damage, use your dagger to do damage. Poisons help you e.g. weaken or clear enemies so you can go in with your dagger more safely, but many times this is redundant as you are not really in danger, or as other people are killing things before your poison takes effect.

Other classes have abilities that are much more transformational. Planewalker gives teleportation to a Rogue. Prot and Jugg make their owners armoured. Oreo and Crystal Shield add invulnerability. Many things now seem to give healing, boost DPS. Other abilities inflict status effects like Daze, Slow, Paralysis, Stasis (one poison causes Curse but that’s just another way of doing more damage, and its normal damage is poor).

I like Assassin. I find using poisons well to be challenging, and different poisons do have different niches. But they are mostly interchangeable, and the game plays the same 90% of the time whichever poison you use.


Most people seem to have forgotten that assassin was designed for essentially a different game.

-no pets
-static HP bars (which tie into poison damage)
-general lack of healing and no quickbar items
-enemies and bosses that spam quiet and weak

If you take a look at these points you’ll realise that assassin back in the day was extremely safe (if boring) and thanks to their ability could out-damage the other 2 dagger classes. Alternatively, a assassin could sit back and chuck poisons to dangerous bosses ( O2, tomb trio) and get easy loot.

Functionally assassin is also the only dagger class that does not have a ‘get me out of here’ option, (not counting certain UT’s like turncoat and crystallized mist) making the times that you DO go in for damage that more dangerous.

Which, is fine for how safely assassin can get damage and SB in on most bosses. What is not fine, however is how badly his damage drops off in later-game content due to the quadratic HP scaling and the static poison damage. Which is why the UT or ST poisons are often used over the tiered ones since they can add a niche to this otherwise one-dimensional class.

Overall what Assassin needs are more fundamental changes, such as WISMOD and a better incentive to go in and do some dagger damage. Instead of sitting in a corner and chucking poisons with 500+ mana all day long. This is not even going into how Assassin is usually used for boss cheesing nowadays.

tldr Assassin wasn’t meant for current-day realm, and as such requires fundamental changes in order to become more appealing and more engaging to play.


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