Why you still play RotMG?


I don’t either, and I’m not coming back.


Though I do notice that I’ve been playing less and less, I still occassionally boot it up for a proper short session. Frankly, it’s just that it’s not an experience you can really recreate - nowhere else do I know of a multiplayer bullet hell, or an RPG-style bullet hell (not counting Line’s project), let alone the fusion of those three.

Also I like getting cute skins every blue moon


I started playing because it was the only game that ran on my garbage macbook air and i still play it because it’s the only game that runs on my garbage macbook air. interestingly, i get less lag now than in flash. probably opacity…


Used to play it a lot now I just camp in a certain discord attempting to get a closed beta code while everyone around me gets them.
P.S. If you have a closed beta code give me it :wink:


The community. They come and they go, but i enjoy making friends with a host of individuals and just chatting. :)


deca/community: since rotmg is a small(ish) game, i feel that each individual member of the community can be a lot more involved, and i think it is at the perfect size rn.


white bag = drugs

got off it and got on league :^D


Proceeds to get addicted to League


Used to play this game because was the only thing my MacBook Air could handle, upgraded a beast deskop pc and still play this game LOL


Someday, I encountered a game where I had to make what I call builds: different combinations of equipments, accessories, perks and whatnots. Since then, I’ve played many of these kinda games. Son of a witch, Dead by daylight and Streets of Rogue are some of them.

That first game? I’m pretty sure its Rotmg. I’ve explained here how I found it if you wanna check that out.

So rotmg… is basically a nest of funky builds. Theres just so much you can do with all the items there are. Heck, builds just happen to dawn on me sometimes, even after playing for so long 3 years its crazy.

However, I’ve stopped playing recently, due to me not having the discipline to max characters with a spare unmaxed char. Can’t enjoy builds if you can’t make em’.


I started playing 3 years and 1 month ago, and it has been my favorite game ever since I found it. I think the main reason I keep playing is that I die a lot, and rebuilding and just seeing the stats slowly max out is very satisfying and keeps me going. And when I’m in a great place in terms of stats on my account, I can progress by trying the endgame content (halls/sanct on pally) to work on the end goal of exalting. With a wizard, which is normally my other 8/8 character, I just find it enjoyable solo playing, like realm clearing or cults that I don’t normally enjoy solo an other classes


As a player who’s been here for a while, the main thing that keeps me coming back is PPEs. I always enjoy maxing a character from scratch, and it keeps the easy-to-get white bags feeling rewarding. On a PPE getting something like an EP or dbow still feels like it did 9 years ago, and I’m just so fucking addicted.


i play because im a lonely sad person.


9 years from tomorrow and I still don’t know why


I started late 2014 ( not on this account of course )


Twinsies! Do remember the month, if not the date?


Realm is a tricky one. My Journey is closing in on 8 years, and its been relatively fun throughout. A game that was a hard carry throughout my teen years meant I never had to have a flashy steam library, and could fall back on something quick, easy, and enjoyable to boot up.

I never really played for the aspect of the Realm community, or for loot, or really any of that. Its because it was simple, and fun to explore, and to this day, thats still the case, infact, now more than ever.

I took 2 or so years out to focus on life a little, and after returning last year, I’m glad i can put the game back up and down again in my free time without the worry of being super addicted to it. The game is a comfortable thing to fall on when i’m bored and that will always be the case of this game.

I also have one of the slowest learning curves to Realm. I played awfully for so long, and now as of last year, completely shattering my previous records for fame and characters, its nice to see I’m getting better at things, even if they are taken away from me. Proof that life goes on and you become better at stuff by default. Thats a nice reminder given now has been one of the more stressful times of life - the transition to becoming an adult.

Again, I could not care less about my progress, and I’ll never look at this game as something I want to sink every spare minute of my time into like my past self.

Realm’s been a nice teacher, and regardless of whatever is to come, i’ll remember it like that.

I am hopeful for DECA and their journey with the game and the community that comes with it, but as far as I go, I’ll just be sticking my head in and out.


Dec 2014 I don’t know the day


Close! I came in on the same day as this update.

Almost December.


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