Wiki Improvements


welp 1098 bf to go

for some reason if u die with 2000 bf you can also get 5 stars on that class


To get dark blue star you only need 1 star for each class, and the first star only needs 20 fame. 20 fame X 15 classes = 300 fame at most.

It also might help to look at it this way: if you level up every class to 20 you’ll become a dark blue star. You don’t even have to do anything with it beyond reaching level 20 if you don’t want to.


True, but i like staying light blue ^^


The Decaract needs updating for its drop table with the Holy Furor tome. I tried it, but I fucked up the formatting, and for some reason it won’t let me save another edition of the page?

So, uhm. Pwease help!


I find often that bug is because of the Navigation but it could be something else ofc! I’ll have a try.

But are we sure Furor does drop at the Decaract @Seelpit?


According to them, likely.
I’ll post a quick ask on Reddit as well, just to confirm.


I think that’s good enough for the wiki, would be logical it was added what with it being in the chest loot, just I hadn’t seen anyone claim it yet.


Done, the problem was:

(Maybe) the |whiteSpan=3 needed to be down with the |white= (not sure if this mattered)

(Definitely) the |white needed |first=true as it is now over multi rows. :+1:



Slightly wrong link there.
Fixed it ^u^


DOH that’s what I get for trying to save time and copy-paste haha.
Honestly I should check my links every time as that’s a regular mistake I do on my edits! :sweat_smile: Wish redlinks showed up on the preview.

Also I’ve noticed that the apostrophe which usually arrives from a copy-paste into the RE lore is (a ‘smart’ apostrophe) and this blocks the templates from previewing/compiling unless it’s replaced by a plain ', though it does still displays fine if the page is saved with it, might have had something to do with your woes.


Oh while we’re here, yesterday I added the dungeon/room name Oryx Pandemonium Decaract onto the page for MGM so at least it will be found if someone does a “huh what is that” search after seeing it in the /event yellow chat line. I don’t think there’s any others like this are there?

Ice Cave/Inner Sanctum already has the name on the wiki page,
Lod no longer has the wyvern room (can’t even remember its right name how swiftly we forget ye!)
WC/Oryx Chamber rooms are logical

I’m not overlooking any am I?


I mean, iirc, it was literally named “The Ivory Wyvern”. Kabam wasn’t only lazy with the shot patterns in the original LoD, eh?


Edit @Seelpit:
I’ve deleted the Tome back off the Decaract page for now, as the reply from the person reporting in the other thread is uncertain whether it was Chest loot, or direct from the tower.
& have written a bit on the History section on the Tome’s page to say where it’s known to have been available.


I couldn’t find a page that puts together the lore in the Kingdom skins for easy viewing. Should a new page be created for that, or does one already exist? (the current existing item lore pages are only for weapons/abilities/armor/rings, and none relating to skins or other consumables).


I think that’ll be pretty useful, sure!

I’ll give the wiki a little searching-through, and otherwise I’ll create it :+1:


I’ve thought about there could be some value in having a page whenever there is a ‘set’ of skins (so there’d be Summer or whatever it’s called skins too, Stone skins, Moss skins etc), whenever Deca gives them a specific name on the item showing it’s part of a set. But haven’t got around to it yet, if you wanted to explore that be my guest!


I’ve updated the wiki FAQ.

Feedback is appreciated, feel free to make edits to the page yourself as well.
My intention is for the page to be usable both for just looking up specific questions, and as a nice informative read for a completely new player to the game.


Just wanted to put this out there that the realmeye wiki doesnt have a page for these things. They’re pretty useless but its for collection. Too lazy to try to make the page myself so if someone wants to do it they can. image


They’re added now, see: :+1:


:smiley: thanks <3