Wiki Improvements


I saw someone today ask if there was a list of white bags sorted by dungeon, as he was trying to collect all white bags, and wanted to sort them in his vaults by dungeon presumably.

I thought the idea was interesting, so I went ahead and made a page for all the UTs like that.

I think it could go in Guides or maybe in Equipment somewhere? Not sure. I’m hoping people find it useful.


Does anyone know if Guill has any new lines when you open a Lair of Draconis portal?
The ones on the wiki still reference the old system, dunno if they remembered to update him on that…


Lair of Draconis lines were indeed updated.


It’s a good page. I would suggest putting something more noticeable for the Limited availability items might be an improvement. Not exactly sure what, maybe something after the item name like (limited) or (seasonal). I do like the hover-over for the “also available in…” type message, but think it’s a wee bit too subtle for “not permanently available” items, as someone glancing might not realise.


Hm, so add on something like (limited) to the name for limited items as just stating so through the hover text might not be as easily visible, right?

I can do that sometime for sure!


Would anyone happen to have some footage for Pyyr inheriting Nikao’s or Feargus’ shots?
I don’t have any myself for those two specifically, and it’d greatly help out with its page.


When you click on the Legacy ST seal, it takes you to the T2 Seal of the Seeker page instead of the Legacy ST seal page. I tried fixing it but it didn’t come out correctly


Fixed now.

While I was adding soulbound to the appropriate pages in Other Consumables (prompted by this thread: , I found that there's a bit of an issue with this page:

Namely, the fact that an item designed to literally have a different loot table every new event has a static loot table on the page. That’s kind of not great. I did my best to dig up the dates and marks required for each event these showed up in, but that’s only a quarter of the battle.

It probably needs an entire new page created for it to archive the loot available in each event, or just redesign that section entirely. I’ll tinker with the latter in a bit.

edit: It’s done (except for the marks required in the first event, I couldn’t find the info on that).


Hey, I’m back as a mod on the wiki. I know there’s a lot to do already to keep up with updates, but I have a fairly large-scale proposal to share with y’all.

The wiki is good for info about items, enemies, and dungeons, but I don’t think it’s very new player-friendly because it doesn’t cover all the fundamental game mechanics in a clear way. Since the basics are being revisited with RIFTS and the new combat system, now seems a good time to expand the wiki to cover them.

Here are some ideas for new pages that I think are fairly common-sense. Most are about gameplay fundamentals, but some are about features and history that I don’t see mentioned. Please let me know what y’all think of these:

  • Character Progression: covering levels, character fame, and maxing
  • Separate Experience and Fame into their own pages
  • Projectiles: covering different types of player and enemy attacks
  • Damage: about how damage is calculated
  • Death: the most important mechanic in the game; I can’t believe this page doesn’t exist
  • Loot: a page about damage thresholds and how RNG works
  • Soulbound: explains SB items
  • Account: verification, security questions, email changes, what is and isn’t permanent
  • Support
  • Discord
  • Menu: the home screen
  • Glow
  • Legends
  • Teleporting
  • Minimap
  • User-Generated Content
  • Campaigns
  • Hitboxes: the exact size and location of hitboxes for enemies and players
  • Combat: for new system, and general info about dodging
  • Wild Shadow Studios, Spry Fox, Kabam, Deca Games
  • In-game event history pages
  • Community event history pages
  • Testing history pages

To make the organization clearer, I think the Getting Started section could be split up into “Interface” and something like “Game Mechanics”.

I also want to replace Development and Release History page in the top-level navigation with the Development article, seeing as it’s used for nothing but info about the latest patch.

This is how I envision the updated navigation tree:

  • Realm of the Mad God
  • Getting Started
  • Game Mechanics
  • Interface
  • Classes
  • Items
  • Pets
  • Nexus
  • The Realm
  • Dungeons
  • Enemies
  • Lore
  • Guides
  • Development
  • Useful Links
  • Help the Wiki

Aside from this, I want to further standardize the wiki’s layout by making some new templates (an ability item template is my next big project) and improving some new ones.

Also, some enemies from seasonal events are missing – no one’s made a page for succubus or the alien minions yet – and there are probably many more pages I haven’t seen yet that still need updating. I started on pages for game modes and alien gear, but haven’t gotten to adding all the content yet.


All sounds good.

A link on the current front page needs a fix/update, due to me mis-spelling the name/path of the Agents of Oryx Weapons: (Agents not Agent). I’ve fixed the other affected pages. Cheers.

Mystery ST Skin Mystery ST Skin
I’ve just added a page for this item, but I’ve only assumed what are the skins it can hatch, based on guessing it’s the mini STs for each class. I’ve put a “to be confirmed” warning in bold, as I’ve never possessed this item yet.

If anyone knows whether the info is correct, please edit to remove the warning, or correct the info if wrong. Thanks.


I’m not skilled at doing enemy pages and finding behaviour etc, so writing this on here:

If anyone wants to make pages for Dimitus and Succubus the wiki would benefit from them: (Valentine event 2019 bonus boss, see this event.) (reskin of Succubus, first appeared in this event.)


With the new Quest Chest system, we’ll have to update their pages.
For convenience’s sake, I’ve made an imgur album for all the new chests’ and marks’ sprites, sized well, outlined, 'n with a shadow:

On a related note - @Nevov is it possible to add a second “externalIcon” inside an item header template?


I’d think so, though can’t think why one would necessarily be needed, as an item can by definition only be one icon, no?

If thinking of the chests, I’d stay we can stick with the item sprite being the closed chest, as that’s what it shows when in our inventory, and the open one is the ‘monster’ that we fight to get the loot (though for simplicity’s sake we have one page for it). I think it’s okay to have the second sprite lower down the page. I’d swear I’ve seen this approach done somewhere on the wiki, but can’t immediately remember where.


Hmm, I’m more of a fan of using both sprites next to eachother, to signify the different “stages”.

I believe that was on the original Quest Chests page at some point? Not sure tho XP


It does look good with the double image you’ve done, but I think if wanting it so we should do it via template (or old non-template style header in lieu of that), as the advantage to having it as single sprite images is users being able to easily pull the desired sprite(s) from the wiki page, if wanting to use it here in a RE forum reply, for example.

So that would require template wizardry, to add a second optional parameter, and I don’t have the skillz to do that off the top of my head, taking a quick look at the edit page for the template it’s a level above anything I’ve yet done. I’d go so far as to call that Epic tier template editing required. :muscle:

Or, how about adding the single images further down the page in an explainer note (“the item appears in inventories as…” etc), that’d allow people to get the single images if they wished AND we can have the double image at the top as a workaround for the template not (yet) allowing it.


I can do some of that template editing. Want to see if it’s done elsewhere on the wiki first though, because like you I swear I’ve seen an example of that.


Ah, I might have misled you, the thing I was thinking of had a standard template, and handled the second sprite by placing it in the Notes.


I hate to say this but all the other item sprites on the wiki are 40x40. Do you think you could resize them?


Aye, I realized, too.
I’ll upload a new album in this post once I’m done, ain’t too big a deal :ok_hand:

Edit 1: Currently has all the new Chest sprites, closed.
Edit 2: Now has the new marks as well. I don’t suppose the open chest sprites are required yet - if so, I can add them in tomorrow.


A lot of items are missing from certain pages such as bows, shields, rings etc. Also, a few items on these pages have outdated stats and info.