Wiki Improvements


It looks good. Because there are so many abilities, I think the best way to go would be to add sub-templates for each type of effect that can be used within the main ability template.


Looks great! When it’s done, you can let me know and I can go through all the busywork of updating all the ability pages to match the template.

(also, is showing the picture of the reskin item in the template for that page a stylistic choice? because I actually like how that looks a lot)

Not sure what this means, is it for ease of editing in case the stats are wrong?


The edit link is intentional. For wismod affected abilities such as prot, entering any LaTeX code as part of a parameter in the ability template causes it to break, so I got around this by calling the effects section as its own separate “template.” Since the location of this template isn’t obvious, the edit button is there if someone wants to change just the effects.


So @Seelpit @Textbook (just want to get this 100% right):
Using BoltBait’s plugin:
Outline Object (v4.5) is Width 1, R/G/B 12/12/12, A 255
Object Shadow (v4.5) is Radius 4, Offset 0.00, 0.00, R/G/B 0/0/0, Strength 0.40

So outlined with 12/12/12 but shadowed with 0/0/0, yep?


Yup, that’s what Poshun gave in his spriting tutorial vid, too.
On a side note, the Outline has a strength of 10.


That’s partly why I asked, as mine doesn’t have a strength option in the Outline menu:


I’ll add the Shadow menu screenshot too because might as well have them both together in the one post eh!



What you have in that screenshot looks fine, that’s what I use. Probably “Strength” field got removed in one of the plugin updates. I think, going off of memory, “Strength” used to be the transparency level of the outline (ranging from 1-10), and they changed that to the alpha value instead which makes more sense.


Album with the sprites for the brown Mushrooms’ AoE and bomb attacks, plus an easy fill-in template for general AoE and bomb attacks.
(The template appears black, but it’s transparent. Just trust me on that one.


Hi! I sometimes find some errors in the wiki, such as wrong loot bags for items, misspelled words and etc. For example:
Wrong loot bag for the wine cellar incantation

I wanted to know if theres a way to report those errors, as I don’t know how to correctly edit a page…


I mean, you just click edit and change the misspelled words @


Just let people know in this discord:

People here will fix it.

Errors in the wiki

You might add in to the new Assassin ST set page that the member of UGC Aurum intended to make the wearer of the set feel like a melee class


If anyone has the time, there is the page which could use an update now that some dungeons (not sure which) got their player cap changed to become 65 players.

Though I’m also not sure if that’s only key opened dungeons that cap to 65, or if it’s every one including in-realm portals. I don’t tend to play in a huge group so haven’t actually seen a “no entry portal full” since it changed to 65, and though I’ve tried to get it to appear in in-realm OT/Tomb by being the last one in, haven’t made it occur.

So yeah, not really in a position to edit that page myself, but if you have the wherewithal, go for it.


The realm is still 85. Dungeons are all capped at 65 except for alien dungeons which cap at 25. Maybe there are more exceptions I have yet to find but this seems to be the case atm.

Should we make a seperate tab for the alien dungeons or put a mention somewhere they are capped at 25?


It seems that ever piece of the totalia mystic set has a drop location from the Totalia the Malevolent. But I don’t recall that ever being the case can someone else find info about this?


You could get “Witch’s skull” from totalia, an item that gave a random piece of the totalia mystic set OR the bone archer set? dont recall the name of that one


I’ve recently made an edit to the wakizashi article, mentioning a few more tidbits on the BulletCreate command that waki use. Most namely, I mentioned the gap angle and shot gap parameters. All waki use these parameters to determine the angle at which the shots are set and how far apart they are. Would it be easily possible to include this information on the individual equipment template so we can edit each individual waki page accordingly?


I believe dates of release for dungeons and items should be all added into the information in the Realmeye wiki. As far as I know, this information can’t be tracked anywhere but on the patch notes, which is a pain in case someone wants to look for a release date.

If the community agrees, I’ll be willing to help!


This is probably best done by a web scraper and simple python script, instead of manually tracking each item and dungeon on a forum thread. Good luck in your endeavors!
(If I wasn’t so busy, I would tackle the programming myself)


I strongly agree. In fact, a changelog for the dungeons and items, to the best of the community’s ability from scouring through patch notes, should be present for as many pages as possible. The Realmeye Wiki should be a thorough and in-depth resource for any information related to the game, and how the game was like in the past is definitely information that should be archived.

If you do have the time to help out, there’s usually a History subtitle near the bottom of the page for a given dungeon/item/enemy/etc. That should be where all the changelogs and dates of release go. Here’s an incomplete example of what it should be like on the Dungeon Keys page - this is after relatively recent edits by me to fix up the page. If a page doesn’t have a History subtitle, you can just add that to the page near the end of it and fill it in. If it does, you know what to do.
I’d like to help out with the changelog/when an item was released stuff as well (and I do plan to in the distant future… sometime), it’s just there are also a lot of other things to work on in the wiki and so we could use all the help we can get.

Another smaller thing, but:
A lot of pages have the history somewhat scattered within the page (while also missing a lot of change/history), and while a passing mention to how the dungeon used to be different might be useful for returning players, some stuff like “Lost Halls no longer uses the Honey Scepter texture as a wall texture as of Patch X.30.3” (made that up right now as an example) should probably not be in the first few paragraphs of the Lost Halls page for example.
Those should go into the History category on the page instead of being scattered.