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I completely agree! And if I see any scattered informaton I’ll be sure to put it in a History subtitle. I suppose it’ll be a long-term job to go through the patch notes and add important features into certain pages. Thanks for replying!


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:+1: Something I’ve had on my “to do one day” list.

Feel free to use any of this dates/release info I began assembling if it helps:

Dungeon release order
Dungeon Build Date
PCav b74 2010-02-04
UDL b74 2010-02-04
Spid b77/78 u/k (existed on Feb 12th)
Ab b79 2010-02-19
OChamb b82 2010-02-24
Pit b82 2010-02-24
Spr b83 2010-02-28
Tut b89 2010-03-26
Kitchen b111 2011-02-14
WC b115 2011-05-04
Tomb b120 2011-11-28
OCastle b121 2012-01-10
OT b122 2012-02-13
Jung b122 2012-02-13
Man b122.3 2012-03-31
Locker b123.4.1 2012-08-03
BZone b123.4.4 2012-08-16
Lab b123.5.0 2012-08-29
1kcav b124.0 2012-10-04
CLand b3.0 2012-10-24
Cem r5 2012-11-14
FMaz r13.2 2013-04-30
Arena r14.0.0 2013-06-10
DD r16.0.0 2013-08-26
WL r16.0.0 2013-08-26
Dep r16.0.0 2013-08-26
BatNex r16.4 2013-09-16
Shat r18.0 2013-12-12
Bella r19.2 2014-02-20
Shait r20.0.1 2014-04-03
Lod r22.0.0 2014-06-20
Pup r24.0.0 2014-09-25
Court r26.0 2014-11-13
ICav r27.0.0 2014-12-11
Hive 27.7.X6 2016-10-11
Sew 27.7.X6 2016-10-11
Enc 27.7.X6 2016-10-11
HCem 27.7.X7 2016-10-27
ITomb 27.7.XMAS 2016-12-16
RRd 27.7.X11.1 2017-03-09
MTemp 27.7.X.13 2017-04-13
Nest X.15.1.0 2017-07-18
LH X.16.0 2017-08-01
Par X.18.0 2017-10-24
Santa X.20.1 2017-12-14
MWood X.24.0.0 2018-03-29
Reef X.27.0.0 2018-06-28
MGM X.28.0 2018-07-31
Lib 2019-05-09


when abby was endgame.


Just landed here which says

This page was deleted by Nevov 10 months ago.
Reason: An entry on the Ring of Decades page is sufficient, as this wasn’t an item in its own right just a temporary version.

Fair enough, but the reason I ended up there was via a link from the main page as someone was wearing one when they died. I guess this could happen with any of the reskins, a lot of which could be used by a maxed player who could die with them. Do the pages need recreating, or should there be a redirect instead at this and other such locations?


Mm yes that’s something I didn’t realise would happen, and does present like left hand of RealmEye not knowing what right hand is doing, if other parts of the site such as the deaths pages and player pages are generating links to wiki pages that don’t exist, that’s not a great situation.

A redirect would solve it, but I think I’ve asked before and didn’t get anywhere trying to make redirect pages.

It is only temporary as when the event ends, and the item (here 0xbae for Decades) is renamed back to standard, the death pages will pick up the item back as its standard name. Because the items are referred to only as their ID number in the death and character data. So there would be a more elegant way of doing things if behind the scenes the main site did it more intelligently.

But I think we have to work with what we’ve got, and here it would be better to have the page exist, to better work with the URLs generated by the main site, even if just as a pseudo-redirect, and not have users land on that deleted message. I’ll get onto it now. :+1:


The pet famiiles page needs some updating from the individual families pages, a few were missing like the mini whale in acquatic as a first example. I’d do it myself as I’ve done lots of other mediawiki editing but I don’t have permission to edit the page (star requirement?).


Yes, you will be unable to edit pages of your Realmeye account is below 14 (or maybe 15 now) stars.


Changed my name since my last post 2 posts ago.

I just edited the pet-families page with the intention of having every pet appearance available on the page as a general overview of all the families at once. But looking at the edit history, some pets that are only available as skins (unavailable from fusion) have been removed from the page like Jaco. But if you had a pet with a Jaco skin now, my understanding is that it in the Spooky family if you wanted to fuse another pet with it (maybe Werewolf Cub is a better example because it’s a rare/legendary skin). That was available from a dungeon egg though, which are no longer obtainable and I believe don’t hatch pets anymore, just unlock skins in the wardrobe, instead skins just drop.

Should I leave it as it is, with all the pets on one page, or should I remove the ones unavailable from fusion? If the latter, what should be removed/left?
Could add some qualifier like * to the ones unavailable from fusion.


For the maximum achievable stats page, it shows plane and hydra, instead of t6 and hollyhock. Could be more I haven’t spotted


Very late response, but I assumed that the pets shown on that page were just the pets that could be obtained from hatching or fusion, as none of the pets that were unobtainable from hatching/fusion were displayed there.

However, while that was the decision of someone unknown to lay out the page like that, I personally don’t see a reason to not have all the pet skins on display there (other than as the number of pet skins grows, it will take up more and more room on the page, which is subjectively an issue).

I don’t know about adding some marker for the ones unavailable from hatching/fusion, as the actual family’s page does specify that already while the pet families page as a whole should just be an overview, but as to whether or not the icons should be displayed I have no preference.
It may be better to just add all the pets rather than just only having the ones that you can obtain from hatch/fusion, since the reason some pets are excluded from the page might not be obvious and could cause confusion.


So I’ve updated the page to include bard. However, I have made the decision to add a fourth row. Should I revert this and run 6 classes for the first two rows instead? May help for futureproofing the page if Deca adds another new class…


I think it looks good with four rows; more can be added as needed when future classes are released.


So most of the UT/ST items are on this page, but it hasn’t been updated recently. Considering every couple months I come back there are 30 new items, this page would be much easier to look at then multiple pages to look for all the new items I haven’t kept up with.

Here’s the page.



What to do with this page?:

It’s no longer useful, and probably of no interest to anyone. If it were e.g. on game content it would be worth keeping as historic, and as unused game content might return or be repurposed.

But that’s not going to happen to Flash/the Flash client. So delete it? Keep but delink from navigation? Keep but with a large notice at the top that it’s totally useless now?


delink & large notice


put it into the Wiki Archive, add a note that flash was discontinued


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Probably Bad Concept: add a custom tag similar to which allows for community jokes and the such. This, ofc, would need to be strictly moderated so that only significant/funny community injokes get added, or something. Ofc this should be quite low priority, since its certainly not an essential feature.


Broken link(s)

Just noticed that if someone has a B.O.W. (e.g @Mickert : then the item links to en empty, deleted, page

Not the proper page for it:

Oddly the tooltip you get from hovering over the item in a char list says ‘B.O.W. UT’. It’s just it links to the wrong page. I don’t know if any other items have this problem, it probably depends on what the cause is.