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Yeah, sorry didn’t mean to confuse things by suggesting a nav template could take their place. Apples and oranges.


Alright. I’ve created a T5 ability nav template and added the T6 one under a newly established naming format. Here’s the format I’m considering for use on this navigation

Weapons: “Template: Tier ten weapon navigation”
Abilities: “Template: Tier five ability navigation”
Armor: “Template: Tier eleven armor navigation”
Ring: “Template: Tier five ring navigation”

The idea of creating tier-organized armor templates is intriguing to me since they’d be such small templates due to the few varieties of armor in-game. I know that I’ll have to make weapon and armor templates, but I’m iffy on making ring and armor templates.

UPDATE: I’ve been unable to add the ability tier organized templates to the individual pages because of a compiling error. I’ve determined that the way to get around this was to spell the number rather than just type it, since other templates with such long names have no issues but they also lack numbers. I will need to delete more pages and recreate new ones in their place.


I’ve gone ahead and moved the fan fiction on the wiki to this thread. Wiki is now official lore only.


One additional question: Should I also create templates for the yet-to-be-released T14 weapons and T15 armors, so that they’re there if or when they ever get released?


Seems logical to me.


In that case, do they go where the unreleased content goes or just put them with the rest of the templates?


I’d say templates is a better choice as the wiki branch kinda strikes me as being its own thing outside the prod/testing split.


Alright. It’ll take me a little while to get all these templates put together and linked to each individual weapon and armor. I’m already done with the ability templates but most of the tiered abilities have yet to be linked together.


On the matter of testing items – and might be efficient to do this at the same time, I’ve wondered for a while about having an “unreleased item” template, so at the top of the page it gives the clear message like:

NOTE: This is an unreleased item, NOT currently obtainable in the game

How easily could that be put together? And do you have any motivation to take that on as well?

(Taking inspiration from how the wiki template items have their header message):


I was thinking of giving the actual template a header of some sorts.

Like this:

What do you think?


That should help avoid confusion.


Dunno if this is the right category, forum feedback is kinda for the forums but…
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With the addition of ST partial bonuses, some of the “best stats” are outdated

Sample for samurai

For example: under speed for samurai it’d be more benificial to wear the ST LoD ring to get the +10 speed from partial bonus AND the +5 speed from the ring itself instead of the candy ring’s +10 speed.

What do you guys think: Should partial STs be included?

  • Yes
  • Nay
  • Who cares?

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Of course partial STs should be included it makes the crappy items of the set worth wearing.


Seems like a good idea, although there might be a few issues with formatting, with how multiple ST sets can crowd up the screen.


I feel as if partial STs destroy the entire purpose of STs. They’re called special themed SETS for a reason. Partial STs will only give Deca less reason to buff ST sets


How does incentivising wearing multiple set pieces defeat the point of st’s?


It incentivizes wearing multiple pieces of a set as opposed to wearing the full set, so overall it’s less important to have the set when you just need a few pieces to get what you want.


Actually most STs are trash either way.


ST Spell, Pixie, Fplate, Souless, Shendyt, book of geb for example is some good sts.


True but a lot are bad like the fairy ring/seal.