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Also, the new Library whites (excluding the dagger), ST Quiver, and ST Star are not on this page, “”.

The new ST star is also not on each of the specific star pages (

New (whitebag) Seal is also not on the Seals page ( or any of the specific seal pages ( and every other one). It’s own page ( doesn’t even have the rest of the seals at the bottom.

New ST Quiver is also not on the quiver page ( or any of the specific quiver pages ( and every other one except it’s own).


Most of those newer items aren’t included in the template, which is why you don’t see them on any of those pages.
It’d be weirder if they were on one page, but not the other!


Hmm very interesting never would have knew


@Wawawa are you sure with your change of Special Themed Sets to Set Tier Sets?

That name, though I do often hear it being said, doesn’t make as much sense language-wise, to refer to ST Sets meaning “Set Tier Sets”, compared to “Special Themed Sets”.

Is there anything you’re aware of on official announcements etc calling them “Set Tiers”? Else, we might want to revert it back.

Edit: there was a little discussion of this naming back in 2016, see: Patch Notes 27.7.XMAS - New Ice Tomb Encounter and Minor Rebalancing

Edit2: why I mention it, is because there’s also a thing on the wiki where the page URL has to match its title, else it gets thrown as a discrepancy/error: so if we want to change it we would need to move the entire page to a new path, so we want to be sure before going down this road.




Done (and out of time, will leave the others for … others! :slight_smile: )

The Status Effects page will need some new entries, now that the Scholar’s Seal provides “MP Boost” and whatever the “Increase WIS” effect is called, plus whatever little icons are used to denote those things in action (never seen them in-game yet).


Thing is, the ones I found are these:
Which do not correspond to how the HP Boost on the wiki looks:

Kinda weird. Best I can think of doing is just recoloring them and hoping that’s correct :crossed_fingers:


Yes those icons are correct, and the green arrow is right too. Good find. :white_check_mark:

Below from a screenshot when the seal has been used:

Edit: of course, they were used in the winter-themed consumables, weren’t they.
Edit2: no actually the winter ones were different:


Hmmm, I guess they must’ve been updated. Thanks!


sneak 100


The wiki page for the Library tome refers to it as the Tome of Forbidden Knowledge, but the in-game name is Necronomicon. This should probably get fixed.




I…thought I already fixed that?
Someone must’ve tried to change it again

Thanks for the swift fix @Nevov :v:


If someone wants to help with making all of the Cursed Library’s enemies’ pages, here’s an Imgur album of all of their sprites (not including projectiles!):

(Note: the last 4 sprites are unused versions of the Deholder, Eye of the Edified, (presumably) Avalon, and (presumably) Poltergeist. You can put those in a little trivia section on their respective pages, I’d say)


What is the name of the one that’s almost the same sprite as a Beholder? A “Beholder of the Library”?
(The Deholder is the bloody purple one where the eyeball’s been gouged out, right?)

I tried asking The Realm Eye but no info!


Enlightened Beholder.


Added ST Star and ST Quiver to Ability page


I’ve added most of the Hand of the Helpess’ info, but not all of the projectiles yet, since I’ll have to somehow do some magic to turn those around 90°…



Wait, when are these used? I don’t recall ever seeing them…

I recognize that sprite from the now deleted “Parasite Den” sprites on realmeye once. I think it was listed as “Dusky Magus”



Might be that 2nd one, depending who made it, is reference to:


Petition to add the middle finger sprite in game. Maybe when the hand is like at critical hp, it briefly becomes invulnerable to flip the bird at you.(Half joking, half serious)

My first edit!