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On another topic:

Does the descriptor Equipment Groups work well enough for an umbrella term describing it when there is a full, or near full, set of untiered items where there is “one of each possible type”?

Talking here about the Battle Nexus weapons, the Machine April Fools weapons, the Halloween weapon reskins, the Winter WC Armors, etc. things you can collect a full set of. It’s difficult to not use the word set but that’s out by its usage to mean “a set of four items worn together”, and “untiered tier”’ is just butt ugly. “Equipment Collections?” though I don’t really like that. Any other suggestions?

Am needing it to make some branch location in the Navigation Tree under Equipment to host the pages for these ‘groups’. Many are currently sat under Reskinned Equipment but that can’t apply to ones such as the Battle Nexus items (page) so another page is needed.


& on another other topic.
I’ve started a Lists section, located at you guessed it, /wiki/lists, works the same as Templates but is literally for simple lists of things - to lessen the need to edit the exact.same.list on multiple pages, eg. the T10 armors “Drops From” enemies list is the same on T10 robe/T10 heavy/T10 leather, so I’ve thrown it onto a list, and it gets called onto the page with {{list-whatever}}. I’ll add more as time allows but wanted to mention now! :rocket:


I was browsing the wiki, and I found this error on page: Reskinned Equipment ( in which it shows 2 equal bows in the same section, I do not think it was intentional …


Aaaand removed the duplicate. Thanks for letting us know! In the future like what Burn has mentioned, you can fix the error yourself if needed~ Otherwise if you fear you’ll mess up the page or do not know how to correct the error, you can make a forum post like this one. :>


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That would be so hilarious🤣


Fixed Pally skins for Monk Pally.
I remember getting this fella from a MT event, finally found it.


I’ve noticed a bunch of items on the wiki recently have added a link to the RealmEye trading page as a method of obtaining it. Isn’t that kind of redundant? Not being soulbound already implies that it is obtainable via trading.


But maybe someone obtains some item they are unfamiliar with and go to look it up on the Wiki, if they do not want it, I can see the link as being helpful.
While I get what you are saying, it is redundant, the link seems like a nice addition for new players.

I do not even try to touch the wiki, but see the logic behind the addition.


I’d say keep it like that, its more convenient


I updated this page last night for 2019, so it should (hopefully) be a bit easier to re-find the loot tables for older events with that as reference.

Might as well ask while I’m at it, does anyone know of any pages that are lacking information or are outdated or need to be worked on?
The Heroic dungeons I haven’t really touched yet since they’re either not properly released on prod or have been disabled for now, which implies those could get changed in the future and so are kind of low priority edits IMO.
I know there’s this page that has a lot of red links to fill that I could work on over time, but the info is already on the wiki basically, just not condensed into these lists.
Other than that I only know of minor touchups such as adding events to the “methods to obtain” for items like the player and pet skins.
If there’s nothing too major that is missing, then I can probably give the guides more attention as those sorely need to be updated.


@Toastrz I designed that new link mainly so we have a single one click to get to the offers, as better integration between the wiki and the trading. In the past you’d have to click Trading then Current Offers, then locate the sprite on the full page (nearly 400 items). Secondary reason some new players might land on a wiki page unawares there even is a trading section of the site, and it felt wrong to not hand the info straight to them.

What @Barnette says is valid though I admittedly was thinking more from the buyer’s perspective, someone who is reading about an interesting non-sb item they can immediately check whether there’s any sellers and their price.

@Textbook well noticed with that red links page, one of my projects :stuck_out_tongue: , I’m doing them bit by bit as time allows so they should eventually all disappear :slight_smile: . I’ve not noticed anything majorly out of date so afraid can’t make any suggestions for you though. Yeah as you say the ‘guides’ are probably things that do go out of date more than the item pages themselves.


Oh yeah, one thing that does need to be updated are the projectile sprites for enemy attacks. I left those blank when creating a few pages because I didn’t really know how to produce the images as they normally are displayed (with the grey background), it seems rather specific (but if it’s not I could probably put something together by hand for each sprite)


Regarding this recent thread where someone tried to use the Translated Names page to try and find out what someone else died to, I took a look and saw it was like really out of date. I can’t edit the page (probably because it’s under the Editing the Wiki category, which is very understandably not editable by regular users), but I did the next closest thing which is put the missing information down somewhere else.

Has pretty much everything missing (hopefully) except for Santa’s Workshop present names (there are so, so many of those and I’m just going to assume there’s not a high demand for the xml names of each individual present). Should also (hopefully) be sorted properly into enemies and items like the actual page does.


I was browsing unreleased content and I found this seal which seems to be remarkably similar to the new library seal. Considering how similar the two items are I’m guessing that the original seal was a beta version of the current one, and it should be investigated if the seal of divine focus is even still in the game.


It looks like it still is in the code.

I’ve Google searched on the static.drips and can only see the hit from where it was added into the code, usually when an item’s removed there’d be a second result for that:


In the wiki for Dirk of Cronus it says this:

Then, in response to conplaints about “buff cdirk” posts flooding the subreddit and decreasing post/meme diversity, the mods decided that “buff Cdirk” posts for be banned within 24 hrs of this post.

And as you can see complaints is spelt wrong. I know its a not a big issue but I just wanted to bring this into the light.


Since it’s a wiki, anyone including yourself can go and fix it

I went ahead and fixed it myself


Light blue stars can’t (you have to have 14+ stars if I remember correctly, don’t know if they updated it with samurai coming out)


Oh, oops. My bad!