Will there ever be content harder than o3? [Discussion]


Hey all.

First topic here in a while, and was just wondering what other peoples thoughts on the topic of harder content were.
One of the first (and most common) complaints I saw upon coming back to the game was “we need harder content”. People have now conquered o3 and are farming him, but do we really need harder content, or is o3 going to be the endgame of the endgame.

The topic also brings up the issue of power creep, that being that if they continue adding harder content (even with multi year gaps, such as halls to o3 being ~4 or 5 years) the power creep will just continue to spike.

Personally, I believe there should be more halls difficulty dungeons, but none that exceed the difficulty of o3.

Topic is open for discussion, would be great to hear other opinions.


Yes, definitely. Probably not for a while though. We can always hope it will be elder realms, but who knows :slight_smile:


if we ever get those we need much smaller hit boxes first and foremost


I believe in a previous ama, deca said that there was plans for more endgame content, some on par with o3, but that stuff harder would be a long while out if it were to happen. might not be on point but im pretty sure im close on this


My personal opinion is that deca will be limited on what they can create because of the nature of the game.

Can they create harder content than o3? Sure they can.

The issue is learning, mastering, and maintaining the content has to be somewhat sustainable.

When you get to the highest level of difficulty, where every shot kills you, I think other games just do that better.


yeah, realm was never really about the scary 1k projectile patterns, it is first and foremost all about the grinding whether it be for fame, exaltations, items or… that’s really it. realm is more a loot simulator than a bullet hell. i’d love for it to be more, but like i said above without tighter hitboxes (most games have a sprite, but the hitbox is a single dot), you can’t implement crazy patterns beacause without those any harder dungeons will just be O3 but with more damage or they’d be near impossible to dodge with the (relatively) massive ones we have rn


They already just changed some of the Godlands, but I’ve always just wanted a more difficult, somewhat larger Realm rather than more dungeons. Something you can just hop into with plenty to do without needing to hunt for it first.


I say we don’t need more content, we need better content. I’d prefer they add mechanics like OoC/IC, so that we have more to play with, more options to try in the already present dungeons. I’d prefer they elevate the skillceiling, cuz right now its pretty much dodge well while shooting at it. And people ask for harder run-n-gun. We don’t need the same challenge, but more challenging. We need more challenges.

Also, props to deca for redoing old dungeons. Only problem I got with that is that I think they’ll become ‘‘infatuated’’ with the game, their game, now that they feel its theirs. See all the game changing they’ve done before? Well its easy if they didn’t feel like its their game. But after shaping the game according to their vision, it’ll be harder to change it. I hope I’m wrong though…


I agree with backpedal on this, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned several times before blindly making harder and harder content doesn’t work well with the systems rotmg currently has in place. I don’t mind it when monster hunter escalates to “two or three hits and you’re dead, one hit if it’s a strong one” territory, because I can “die” 3 times before it counts as a fail, failing only sets me back a negligible amount of money and resources, my performance is not dependent on getting 20 braindead trolls to stop griefing things, and the game can’t suddenly decide my connection is weak and make me stumble somewhere I didn’t want to be because of lag.

to be honest, a long-duration test of endurance is probably a much better fit than a short-term duration of high difficulty for rotmg. trouble is, that’s not really feasible with pets around unless you either permanent pet stasis or permanent sick for the entire fight. just more examples of the paralyzing identity clash of rotmg that’ll probably never get resolved.


Focus dodge when

this is why i love touhou albeit not being able to play ti for the life of me


isn’t mbc harder?


Just wanna preface this by saying I’m not speaking officially here or stating any concrete plans.

In my eyes, Oryx’s Sanctuary is at least nearly the peak of what can be challenging yet fair in Realm’s base mechanics. In the long term (certainly post-Realm Rework) I think the game’s next major step will be a completely new area of the game (probably called Elder Realms since that name has floated around since 2012) with fundamental mechanical differences.

Even a single core addition, like an Enter the Gungeon style dodge roll for instance, would allow us to completely rethink how we design enemies and bullet patterns, opening huge doors for fresh creativity that still feels true to the Realm experience. There’s tons of different ways you could go with that kind of massive expansion to the game.


There are some mechanics that could be still be invented so maybe?




Yes, but I believe Deca has already stated that they will focus on fleshing out the rest of the game before they move onto making “more difficult” content than o3.