WIP Dungeon Concept: Belly of the Beast


General Concept
You will venture into the remains of the colossal god Azon. Moving through halls of flesh, bone, acid, and sinew, you must destroy what twisted remnants still cling to life within Azon’s stubborn corpse, while fighting cosmic parasites who are… less than friendly.

First, you will fight the Titan Parasite as an event atop the remains of Azon. Upon defeat however, the Titan Parasite will not die, but instead will retreat within the corpse of Azon.

Next you enter the Belly of the Beast. Here in the starting room there are three gateway cells, one green, one pink, one turquoise. They will require the combined efforts of multiple players to destroy (due to HP and HP regen scaling, making the dungeon still soloable). When destroyed, the path way to the respective boss will be opened, and the remaining cells will become invulnerable until the chosen boss is defeated.

The three bosses to choose from are: Azon’s Gut, Azon’s Cranium, and Azon’s Heart. I won’t go into too much detail as I haven’t figured out the specifics of each boss yet.

When the last piece of Azon is destroyed, the Titan Parasite will rise from its remains, and the old boss room will twist and shift into a large chasm of dying cells and twisted sinew, where Azon ends and the final fight against the Titan Parasite begins.

Boss Sprites
Titan Parasite and Titan Arms
Titan%20Parasite%20Arm%202%20final%20left Titan%20Reaper%20Parasite%20Head%203%20final Titan%20Parasite%20Arm%202%20final%20right

Azon’s Gut

Azon’s Cranium

Azon’s Heart

I don’t have even close to all the equipment sprites worked out, but here are the ones I have so far. They are (in order) a ring (the event white), a heavy armor, a poison, a skull, and a prism.
Parasite%20Eye%201%20final Titan%20Carapace%20final Acidic%20Bile%20final%202 Brain%203%20final Heartburst%20Jewel%20final%202


Want some help :wink: ?


Pretty cool dungeon idea! love the “almost” reskin of the pD armor


I love the idea, don’t get me wrong. I just think the sprites are a bit too light and happy, I would suggest using a color scheme similar to this handsome fella




Made some textures


That’s awesome! I think those tiles would work really well for the final boss room.

Originally this was going to be a solo project, but I would definitely appreciate help, especially with tile sets since they are really not my strong suit. I will of course credit you in the final document.


I’m glad i can help :slight_smile: I also just finished my heart version.


Woah, that’s amazing. Definitely better than mine haha. Love the beating animation.

Here is the portal I made:

In my head I imagined most of the dungeon would be kind of red flesh with bone, except for the path to the heart which would either have veins of blue across the red walls, or be entirely blue flesh.

Edit: And the final boss room would be dark and dead, which you nailed with that first tileset.


I would choose blue flesh for the whole dungeon to make it less similar to parasite chambers.

Portal is ok but i would move some of the bones lower.


I really love the concept idea! It’s like a shatters, parasite, and a LOD all combined.


Actually, yeah, you are right. Didn’t think about the visual similarity to parasite chambers. Blue works great.


Possible attack animation
Gotta do brain now


Awesome! That works really well.


Reminds me of the hearts from Binding Of Isaac



I was inspired by mom’s heart


Yeah, the animation of the pulsing heart really seemed familiar




Now while this is a cool idea, I’m wondering how some parts of the body, like the gut, would be put in. If I’m understanding this correctly, we’re going down the stomach of a beast buried underground, so wouldn’t something like the gut be an actual area, instead of a enemy?

Also, would this be like Lost Halls where you can go through different portals to go to different areas (heart and brain) and get different endings to the, like LoD, where you can fight all of them by doing a keyword or breaking a wall, or like Cem, where you go through multiple parts through the dungeon by using portals?


Nice! Really like the color palette and shape.

It would be more like the LoD, where you get to choose which order you do the bosses by destroying the Gateway Cells, except it is more of a group decision since you have to work together to choose the boss you want first. Most groups would probably end up choosing to do the Gut, then the Brain, then the Heart (for def/atk/spe, then mana, then life, similar to a shatters but with more reliable loot).

Also, I chose the title “Belly of the Beast” since that is a somewhat common phrase, but the dungeon itself would have you venture into the stomach, cranium, and chest cavity of the beast to fight its Gut, Brain, and Heart. Going into the stomach to fight the gut is a bit of a weird distinction, so I may change that later, since the “Gut” boss is suppose to be in a pool of acid.