WIP Dungeon Concept: Belly of the Beast


Alternative textures


Ewwwww, contrasts your profile pic


If it’s a carcass it’s probably rotting and all disgusting


If it uses @Fluffegan images, I’m never gonna go into that dungeon


this seems like a fun dungeon, do you have any idea on the stats of the drops? the prism could be really unique, like having a status effect in a certain radius of the decoy, like dazing enemies with the brain of the golem


General Ideas for the items so far are:

Titan Parasite Eye
Ring that grants a massive boost to mana, as well as a boost to wisdom and speed, but reduces life and defense

Titan Carapace
Low defense heavy armor, good mana bonus, large speed and attack bonus

Acidic Bile
Poison that degrades enemy defense

Corrupted Cranium
Spawns a brain decoy that explodes after a medium length delay, dealing very high damage and stealing health like a normal skull

Heartburst Jewel
Prism that teleports and grants a life shield to block incoming damage. Life shield explodes after it’s duration runs out, dealing damage to nearby enemies.


personal opinions and thoughts:

Titan Parasite Eye: i like the idea, reducing life and defense for more mana; i feel the concept of actually taking stats away rather than just plain not having them at all is underused in rotmg items

Titan Carapace: so buffed resu(?)

Acidic Bile: does this thing do a “pernament exposed” attribute; doesnt that undermine samurai’s exposed ability

Corrupted Cranium: so necro skull + prism; seems a bit too op imo (sprite is good, but it doesn’t look like a prism at all)

Heartburst Jewel: i have no idea what a life shield is, but the idea seems great

just a lil’ note: having 2 prism whites in one dungeon might be just a bit too much imo (just 2 of any ability in any dungeon)

All sprites are 9/10 great color palette and shading
Really love how everything is coming together


The Brain is actually an ability for the necromancer. If that one is too powerful with the decoy effect, it could just be a more powerful skull with a delayed effect, or a delayed skull that dazes.

The “Life shield” is essentially a shield that will surround the player for a certain duration (maybe 3-5 seconds) and absorb up to X amount of damage before disappearing. Sort of like a max hp increase. If you still have the shield when the duration is up though, it will explode to deal damage to enemies.

Edit: Also, the Titan Carapace provides much less mana than a resu, but provides attack and speed in return.


Thanks for clarifying up “The Brain”
a dazing skull sounds like a good idea


that looks insane, really hope deca adds this when its finished.


I improved heart and brain. I also recreated gut as this acid-jelly-parasite-monster.
heart heart2
rgut rgut rgut2


Those are awesome! The gut rework I think was needed. Could be called the “Fetid Ooze” or “Mephitic Ooze”. Thanks again for the help.

Quick Update: Currently working on the Heart fight and some more item sprites. Will share the Heart fight once its complete. I have a complete version of the Brain fight as well which I am probably going to rework.


Tell me about projectiles and i’ll make them :wink:


I’ve probably made it too cosmic.


I do like it but I think it may need to look a little less cosmic-y. I think the wideness of the head in the original makes it look more insect like, but I love the arms on yours, the sharper sickle-like arms are cool.


mehbee consider making portal a ribcage or something? idk bad idea forget that lel


Sounds like binding of issac?


I can help too
I can help on spriting, adding maybe balanced unique items or something


Better ?


this is fancy. I like it.