WIP Dungeon Concept: Belly of the Beast


This dungeon concept is awesome!


Yeah that is definitely better, I like the palette a lot! The “glow” to the arms and mandibles is cool.


Flushing out a few of the drops! Will post more later today when I have more details worked out.

Heartburst Jewel
Mana Cost: 105
Shield Health: 90
Shield Duration: 5.5 seconds
Damage: 600-850 (725)
Radius: 5 tiles

  • Teleport to cursor
  • Generates a defensive health shield
  • Shield explodes when broken or after duration runs out

Stat Bonuses:

  • +25 Hp
  • +5 Vit
  • +3 Spe

Titanic Oculus
Stat Bonuses:

  • +200 Mp
  • +5 Wis
  • +3 Spe
  • -60 Hp
  • -4 Def


Final battle sprites

p2p%20left p2head p2p%20right


That’s awesome! Love that it loses eyes, since the event form drops its eyeball!


This is actually quite an original Idea, I’m not sure wether or not I understood you correctly but I really like the idea of an Alien Titan dying due to Alien parasites infecting his body and then falling down into the realm, leaving it up to the heroes to venture into the massive Titans body, in order to defeat the parasite, maybe, until it manages to spread accross the realm.


This dungeon concept and the sprites so far look really damn cool, congrats on coming up with such an original idea!


I’m assuming the Heartburst Jewel shield can’t stack, or else someone with a divine mheal pet could basically spam shields and do loads of damage
also, for such a high mp cost (the highest mana cost prism in game is 95), it really doesn’t do a lot of damage

just a little note for the shield; would the dmg to the shield be affected by the player’s def, or not at all?
as in if an enemy does a 60 dmg shot and the player had 20 def, would the shield get 40 or 60 dmg?

I can see the 3 speed because the mana cost for the prism is a lot; more speed would make up for that loss of maneuverability
but I don’t understand whats with the 5 vit; sure, it would be nice, but it’s an awful lot of vit seemingly a bit out of place

Titanic Oculus looks pretty balanced; not too sure if we should be taking more hp away, or more def (which one should be prioritized)
players might not like having their health and def taken away; i wonder what they would prefer to be taken away more


bro those are some smexy sprites you’re making there


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