Wlab bugs


The Mecha Squirrels from Woodland Labyrinth throws acorn bombs that deal 200 damage. However, there is no audio cue when a player is hit and no damage shows above the player, despite the player HP decreasing.

Hopefully no one dies from these

I think a bug similar to this used to exist for Nikao from LOD


This is an edge case. Normally these bombs do properly show their damage; I think you likely were on the very edge of the aoe, which lead to a phantom hit.

This is not the same as with Nikao’s invisible damage, as that was a wholly different issue. Not sure what it was exactly, though.


Nikao’s was very scary. It happened to me once, but luckily I was able to nexus in time


The bomb is easy to dodge so it isn’t much of a problem.


The issue is that it doesn’t show up, not necessarily whether you can avoid the bomb. It still is a bug.


I was mostly talking about this part