Working on a new class part 1.5: Flails update + Ability concept and T0 sprite


Thanks to everyone’s feedback, I’ve changed up and made the flails better and more consistent with eachother. I’ve left some of them unchanged and the lowest tiers didn’t need any changing in my mind so they aren’t here.

Here’s all of them together:

Also, the ability of the viking class will be this:

The idea behind it is being a waterskin with a drink that vikings used to go berserk. T0 is called mead waterskin, T1 I think will be herbal waterskin, etc. Anyways. The idea on how the ability works is a charging attack. When you use your ability in any direction you will dash into the direction with inability to stop during the dash. The dash will deal damage, and grant you a big defense boost on low tiers and possibly invulnerabilty on higher tiers, or just really high defense boost. It can be balanced with a proper cooldown.

It can be used both offensively to deal more damage and evasively through bullets, aswell as while rushing to get past enemies. It could also inflict stun on enemies, although I’m not sure about if another stun class is wanted by Deca.

The dash attack could be accomplished with a big short speedboost and inability to stop or change directions and an overlay flashing effect on the character.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome, but only fair critisism please.