World Cup 2018 Thread


So basically, the 2018 World Cup has started in Russia, with a strong start from the Russian national team.
Just post your reactions and predictions about the World Cup here.

My Reaction to the first game:
What in the actual h e c c. I expected Saudi Arabia to at least tie with Russia, but no. Russia comes in with 5 goals, and 2 90’ goals. Like come on, what are these hacks


my reaction is wtf is this


Football. Or soccer.


how do you not know what the world cup is?


Saudi Arabia was flat in the tempo today. Russia winning 5-0 wasn’t really out of skill, but more or less because Arabia kept turning the ball over and didn’t know how to push forward. I expect their game against Egypt to be a close game, and at least the host team won a game!

Predictions for tomorrow!

Egypt 0 - 2 Uruguay
Morocco 1 - 1 Iran
Spain 2 - 1 Portugal

America Hosting 2026 with Canada and Mexico!
We made the bid so we could guarantee our qualification :rofl:


I would say
1-1 for scores


got it, ty

if it’s a game in the real world involving a ball of some sort, I have approximately no interest in it whatsoever.


Hoping for Poland or Morocco to bring home some big wins


I’l guess, but rn 1st is at 0-1 and 2nd is at 0-1. 3rd hasnt started.
Egypt 1-3 Uruguay
Morocco 2-1 Iran
Spain 2-2 Portugal


I don’t watch any of the World Cup games except the Finals, so I have no idea what’s going on.


I rarely if ever watch sports at all so I don’t give a damn about this World Cup.


But why


Because, some people don’t like sports. People have differing interests, you know.


Can we have a rip for Germany please.


losing to a respectable team is one thing, but they lost to serbia


Wait I thought they lost to South Korea. Serbia isn’t in their bracket.


that makes it even worse considering south korea only had son to carry them in all fairness


Ikr. My family and I were laughing at South Korea’s performance against Sweden and now they beat the defending champions??


yeah my bad i had something else on my mind


tbh the judge was kinda weird…
even while they were going against germany it was kinda odd
well i dont like soccer so i dont rly care