WulfDrake's reset account experience


So I’ve decided to change this thread into a journey of my latest reset!

I’ll be screenshotting major points in this adventure of mine

I’m wayyy to lazy to delete all these ppes tho ;-;


The start of the adventure!

level 20

This twas the first day


I’ve got the screenshot of the t7 armor it just won’t let me upload it with a error message involving the files heading


Twas the second day
I got a griff from a cube god but once again am getting the same error ;-;

First ever oreo
Designated lucky item
Maxxed vit in a o2 without realizing
5/8! I can finally retire that t9
6/8! time for tombs and halls
Pretty phat bag


It comes to my attention that i forgot to screenshot the maxing of my speed


Uhhh so it turns out that I was hitting CTRL and print screen for the better part of a day without realizing so i missed quite a few screenshots the most important of which being my maxing of life which sucks but after 5 cults 2 voids a handful of tombs and a few hours of loot drop i finally maxed life somehow before mana


Soon after I realized that I wasn’t in fact taking screen shots I’ve learned to check after each important event in this adventure and this was quite important as I’ve finally reached 8/8!


As I make a new plan I realize that I’ve only got 5 exalts on my whole account none of which are on my lovely trickster so I’ll be doing a heck ton of exalt dungeons and quite possibly my first o3 soon.
Also I’m quite interested in naming this trickster as I hope they’ll be around for awhile so if you have any suggestions let me know!


And now the real challenge begins!


My first idea after obtaining unfathomable power was to go and throw hands with some bees.

Turns out the bees low-key got hands but I survived by leaching and teleporting wildly anytime the bees got close to me.


A very nice quest chest which gave me a white from a dungeon I have yet to do


how do you 8/8 so quickly


Loot drop and soloing a lot of things.
You honestly miss out on so many potions by doing dungeons in a huge group


I wasn’t able to find anymore bees for which I could throw hands so I decided to try my luck with beating up an old man over and over till I got bored, and I don’t think he liked that very much as he only dropped one terrible ring


Looking at it

Imma feed my Deca and UBHP.


Why would you hurt me in this way I’ve been using that ring since level 16


Because UBHP and Decas are overrated, duped and the current eco is trash.


DECA ring runs on potatos like the servers


While running around the realm trying to finally get a gear upgrade I came across a big spider and murdered their children, one of which dropped a katana that smells funny


Yeah fair enough duping really is killing the economy