X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


Public testing is open until Monday morning!

Web: http://test.realmofthemadgod.com/
Projector: https://test.realmofthemadgod.com/client

The End of Winter

  • The Permafrost Lord and his constructs no longer terrorize the realms
  • The Crystal Prisoner is no longer icy
  • Oryx’s castle finally thawed
  • Tier 11 winter themed weapons no longer drop
  • Beige’s Hanami Nexus is back in all its cherry blossom beauty!


  • Tinkerer quests can now be re-rolled for gold up to 2 times per day, does not include daily quests. The first reroll costs 100g and the second reroll 250g. Rerolling will replace all quests with new quests (open and completed quests alike).
  • ST Sets now have partial bonuses which unlock as more pieces of the set are equipped. The new bonuses will apply with 2, 3 and 4 pieces equipped
  • New Ninja Special Themed Set
  • New Archer Special Themed Set



  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60


  • Maximum DEF increase from 25 to 30
  • Maximum DEX increase from 50 to 60
  • Maximum VIT increase from 40 to 60


  • Sunny Side Bow: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eternal Graved Great Sword: Fame Bonus increase from 4% to 7%
  • Spriteful Shield: Fame Bonus increase from 6% to 7%
  • Eggre Battle Armor: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%
  • Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in certain shot patterns getting out of sync (stacked) when temporarily out of range of the enemy or if it was stunned
  • Fixed the Charge behavior of enemies not executing correctly (and adjusted all existing Charge behaviors to function like before, there should be little to no difference for existing enemies)
  • Fixed Realms not using the full range of randomized names when instantiated
  • Fixed redundant speedy condition effect on Ninja
  • Reduced waiting times at Janus the Doorwarden and removed chest
  • The Ivory Wyvern’s chest has stasis immunity


  • Players must now pick a name during account registration to simplify the flow
  • Improved account verification process
  • Shop packages and boxes now show limit per user quantity when applicable and are no longer visible when none are left
  • The Shield of Ogmur has new projectiles and particle colors


  • Server optimizations
  • Improved early game tracking
  • Improved event scheduling for tinkerer quests
  • Improved the campaign feature to allow us to run different types of campaigns and events in the future
  • Added mailing list popup to the website
  • Fixed pesky floating white pixel on the website
  • Disabled “Beginner’s Package offer”

Now you might ask, what about content? The answer is yes.


Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!
Rotmg testing servers

Feeling studious? :wink:


Epic mad lab?


How are new testers supposed to test new items without pets and maxing? Shoud’ve add more mboxes smh mh.




No, that’s why I play rotmg :wink:


I got logged out, so i logged back in and i had to verify my email. I answered the security questions and it says incorrect email or password when i click save


New screenshots look pretty sick!


Ninja ST set seems fairly balanced, especially considering the armored status, the only issue is the low range of the star, 5 range would feel better to use. Loved the Katana, 2 shot katanas really feel nice to play, and look at.
Archer Set feels like a decent zooming around map set, the bow feels decently strong, and I didnt feel like the HP was too little or too much for the risk involved in the ability usage.


Epic Manor and LoD rework?


Knew it wouldn’t take very long for that comparison to be made. To clarify, it’s an original dungeon, not an epic version of anything existing. There will be more information soon!


They finally released a ninja and archer St set


my only problem is the current st ninja armor sprite, and ive made a proposement for a new onest%20ninja%20armor%20resprite%20big
to me, the current one looks really iffy with that black square right in the middle and the ribbon all over the place


It appears that st chests can’t drop the new sts

Liking the samurai buff, even though I would have liked 5 or 10 extra speed


Does the comma in the last sentence of the haiku on Reikoku count as a syllable? If it doesn’t, isn’t one missing?


Interesting. Didn’t really see this coming, but a good addition to make Ninja just a tad less squishy.

Also welcome additions! I expected SPD to be on the list, but I guess that these buffs will push the Samurai in a more clear direction as a piercing heavy-armored class.

So…Ninjas don’t have any Speedy anymore, whatsoever, or…?
Ah, I guess this wasn’t what I thought it was. Speedy is still there, for those wondering.

Additionally, is the Nest 2.0 still on the Testing server? Really wanna run one more of those ;w;
Welp, still Nest 1.0 there u,w,u


I’d really suggest making the first daily quest reroll for fame. The second can be for gold. That way, it’d give something to do with fame. Otherwise, I don’t think anybody will reroll their quests.


No increase to the katana classes’ HP? SMH.


Bummer that the star was only a budget jugg on a class that doesn’t have defense (or good on people with devine pet). Was hoping the star would have gave more dps to the class (like the bloody cloak did) to make it more of an glass cannon the class was intended to be


don’t buff samurai’s dex plox that just makes him even more similar to ninja.

if you really want to solidify his identity as the tank katana class buff his HP. 30 DEF and 770 HP would put him closer to the other heavy armor classes in terms of survivability without encroaching on on ninja’s role as the big damage dealer with his 70/70 atk/dex. if you buff samurai’s dex by 10 he goes up to 75/60 atk/dex which even further pushes out ninja as a viable class.