X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


No skin for archer yet?


ok but why cant u just make every chest stasis immune, not just that one?


Overall i feel like the mp drain for armoured is a bit far fetched.
And the ST archer skin does not fit the theme of the items. One of them must be re-skinned.
The ST archer set with the high HP boosts and the slows + speedy from quiver makes it a great potential rushing class.


what happens if say you wear half pally set and half knight set? do u get both (partial) set bonuses?


Asking the real questions.


DECA should add this indeed.


Umm, is that three sentries, a perma, ghost ship, penta? Seems balanced. Especially if they were all stacked.


something I noticed about the archer set:

This set is more durable than any other possible set in the game and comes with a bow that outdamages the Void Bow.

that’s a bit much. not sure when that happened.


it’s actually @atrapper 's baby
:wink: jelly man invoked




@Krathan it is annoying to have to level characters again to unlock new classes so we can test the sts


Seems balanced to me, just like a certain paladin set ring.


wew this makes me a little happier to play samurai now


I went away and had a think about it. My best guess is that it’s going to be the Court of Oryx. The six doors up the top could be the portals to Shaitain, Encore, Reef, Thicket and 2 more court dungeons. I’m not 100% certain though because that would mean it would be nontrivial to extend the room if they ever decided to add more portals.


I don’t get what this means:

Tinkerer quests can now be re-rolled for gold up to 2 times per day, does not include daily quests.

The testing server says exactly the opposite - you can re-roll daily quests.

In any case, re-rolling quests for gold seems to me like too much pay2win. I guess this should be a fame based transaction: the more you play, the more fame you have, the more “entitled” you are to get new quests. At least, that way, I feel the flavour would be there… (this is just my opinion, ofc)


On a side note, can I just ask…
Why is green an egg instead of a flame?


Holy fuck, the new st archer set with 3 bonuses (replace the ring) is wayyy too op, and the st bow is just a buffed void bow that doesn’t have a freaky shot pattern.


samurai underwhelming tho


How can i spawn stuff myself?
[Tip: Never afk in nexus EVER. You will die after around 1 minute!]


@Krathan Is there a way to get back into testing? apparently i got removed for inactivity