X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


Some idiot is spawning monsters in nexus again

Also that bow is so op its just dumb


I’m pretty sure that’s a placeholder until they get a better sprite.


Which ring is that?



Probs not it but I can hope


I like this update.


Theres Yeti things in every server and I DC upon loading into the nexus.


I DC or die, whichever happens first. Died to “Presentenichko” whatever that is. Tried US and EU server.


*cracks knuckles*

A quick CTRL+F on the Translated names wiki page yields no results, so off to static drips.
…where I was too lazy to actually find anything.
Welp, probably some unreleased thing, seeing as it’s a portmanteau of present and Menichko.

Alright, looks like someone somehow spawned a bunch of Ice Tiles and overly-stacked Spikes in the Nexus of the US server.

The Asia server has a couple billion Snow Constructs, it seems, and the EU server doesn’t even load. All I get is my character loading into a black screen, a character-being-hit sound, and a disconnect.


Yes @Niegil did all of this i can’t even get on.


It now has been fixed


No, not entirely.
Somebody STILL has one of those Lost Halls debug items, and just spawned a Spectral Sentry in the Nexus of Asia.
Okay, seems like it’s actually over now.
Never mind! Some fuckass still thinks it’s fun to ruin testing!

Whoever is doing this is (probably) going to find themselves permabanned from Testing, and potentially even prod if they manage to find out their username on there.




Well I mean not complainging igot like 50 lh items


Update: Servers are functional again. There are also apples of maxening, so you can actually play :slight_smile:






answer: yes


It’s this one


Yes but apples of maxing are null xd so u cant use them




Make sure that you are using the most updated version of the testing client, a refresh/reload should do the trick.


Why are curse words not allowed? i.e fuck, bitch, etc.

Don’t really care since they’re easy to bypass, but this happens for people without the filter on and wasn’t mentioned in the post.