X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


I can’t seem to find it now, but when I tried accessing the testing website earlier there was a popup on the right hand side (along with links to discord, FB, twitter etc.) asking you to input an email to be on the mailing list.

Edit: Nvm just had to open an incognito tab for it to popup again.


oh I see, guess uBlock removed it or something (but weird enough, I think I also tried without it and still didn’t see it)
Thx for showing me what it is :smiley:
Now I wonder what they would even put inside that newsletter lol


rEgUlAr UpDaTeS aNd GiFtS!

inb4 gold discount codes :0


Cool! Kinda looks like an ancient or haunted library. OR an ancient haunted library lol. A library which houses hundreds of the most sacred and powerful spells from across all of time!


Why does it look like the sunflower archer skin?


:man_shrugging: Oh I didn’t even realize that was already an existent skin in the game lol, I don’t pay attention to skins. In that case sorry @GBSlayer, seems like it’s just a placeholder for whatever they’re gonna make the skin into (now that I think about it, should’ve realized the skin does not relate to the aesthetics of the set in any way xD)


Interestingly, it was also the same skin that caused projectiles to be turned into Sadamune shots…

Potential correlation? ,’:|


The only reason I remembered is because I spent like $20 on that box when it came out JUST trying to get that sunflower archer skin (NO I didn’t get it…)


The silent mayority liked chest events, some big mouthed people spammed constantly about wanting the removal of chest events. Thats it.


No. People found chest events boring, which they are. But they don’t like having their free lot passes revoked. We are, as a community, spoilt.


Hence why people get annoyed at monthy login calendars that don’t have free character slots/vault chests.


I am a bit annoyed that they nerfed the events, but at the very least we wont get situations like the ice tomb and ice cave incident again…



They nerfed the events because the community overwhelmingly supported their removal. Yet here we are.

I’m willing to bet that if someone said “we will have a mark event” you would be OK. If I said “the marks won’t give you free whitebags” you would be significantly less happy.


I know that, I even supported the nerfing of the events.

I would be actually happy the marks don’t give free white bags because it makes it where I don’t feel obligated to sit on my ass in USSouth for 15 centuries until someone opens around 5000 dungeons back to back in order to get a single white.

Probably because DECA waited too long to nerf them, complacency and all that (amongst the player base).




This post was made 4 days ago. Testing closed yesterday


O o f




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