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Sometimes I draw stuff! Sometimes.

RotMG (all older stuff):

Oryx the Mad God

It’s about time he got one

Lordeus the Soulsword (stone caves or nores)

I may have gone overboard with the background. I also want to try redrawing Silark from the Clock Tower so keep your eyes open!

Ninja (Kazekiri, Nil, Crown)

Of course it’s ninja because she’s my favorite to draw :P

Chest Events in a Nutshell

Believe it or not, these are all things I’ve heard in chat during the “Geb of Horrors” and “Davy Bee Jones” events (except for the guild recruitment message, I see those all the time so I made one up for that one).

RIP Rhea

“What happened to your friend?”
“I don’t know, she just sort of… vanished.”

Let's try on all the Leather Armor!

In order from left to right starting on the top row, these are Hydra/default Slashing Beauty, Wyrm, Frost Drake, Leaf Hide, Harley, Bee armors, and Nil.

Let's try on all the Robes!

in order from left to right starting on the top row, these are gsorc/default Yuki Onna, Frost Elementalist, Soulless, “Shendyt”, Lab Robe, Water Robe, and Ritual Robe.

Let's try on all the Heavy Armor!

in order from left to right starting on the top row, these are acrop/default knight, resu/zaarvox, breastplate, fplate, kamishimo, mercy’s bane, and doritos fire dragon battle armor.



Flurp is the name of my baby blue drake pet.

What is girl


I went through a lot of potential lines for this one. some other good options for Knight were:

  • I just got a dbow ppe luck confirmed amirite lel xd
  • crystal […] clear water
  • don’t kill the minions it heals the boss (image )
  • rush already nub smh
Jade Statue

“That’s a nice ppe you got there. It’d be a shame if it accidentally got trampled by my 3-ton boots traveling at 187 MPH.”


it’s true, I made a backup ninja so I can play ninja again without having to stress about losing my main ninja. in fact it’s already paid off, “Clonelor” already died to a dumb thing yesterday and Catlor had to remake her. this is what Clonelor’s wearing atm since you can’t see it on my RE page:

(also the heart shirt returns because I think it’s cute and it’s not like catlor’s doing anything in-game for a while)

Me! (and others sometimes):


I originally posted this in the game summary for Realmafia round 5



Realmafia 10 Catlor story arc

basically the story of me during Realmafia round 10:

  • During the night, the mafia attempt to kill me by luring me into a furnace so they can trap me and burn me to death. at the last minute I come to my senses and flee. Their sniper attempts to shoot me as I flee, but because my ninja is wearing armor of nil the projectile gets absorbed. Frustrated, they shut me in a box and weld it closed. Due to being a cat in a box that no one can observe, I enter a state of both dead and alive at the same time because of quantum mechanics.

  • Later in the game, the chaos induced by Geo’s meteor impact and his sudden return to space weakens the integrity of the seal on my box, and I break free. I help the town for a day, but since I am now an outsider I must die by the end of the day. However, I am unable to die because of the schrodinger’s box incident, so I pack my stuff and hit the road instead.

  • On my journey I find a smooth stone, perfect for skipping across a lake. I hurl it as far as I can toward the town, now on the other side of the lake. This rock turns out to be Geo again, but by the time he can blurt out any protests I’ve already thrown him back toward town.

  • At the end of my journey I rediscover who I am, along with the true nature of the entire world. I return to the upper planes and confront Ludfru who has taken over heaven and declared himself god. I retake my position as host of the universe, and then get miffed that the remaining players aren’t doing anything even though the game isn’t over yet.

  • As part of my takeover, Ludfru is ejected from the heavens and later crashes into the world below, destroying everything. I now have to clean up the mess since everyone’s dead except for myself and Geo, who was unwillingly returned to space to live with his “loving” family.

Obvious Deathtrap:

apparently it did not occur to me to outline the speech bubble tail. it looks fine on discord, but you can’t see it against a white background here.

Quantum Resurrection:

there’s actually a slight error on the version posted on the realmafia server that’s been corrected here. I wonder if you’ll notice :thinking:

Bye Geo:

This is actually the last one I drew, but chronologically it goes here. my outfit is different here because it was suggested I draw a different set of pajamas than the ones I actually wear, which appear on the next picture. I don’t own anything that looks like this outfit irl, but wouldn’t mind wearing it.

Ice Cream:

featuring possibly the laziest elmo drawing ever and me in my pajamas. that is the actual outfit I was wearing when I drew this. I drew me in pajamas instead of the normal ninja outfit because I feel like if you’re going to be eating ice cream by yourself straight out of the container, you should also be in your pajamas to maximize the patheticness of your existence.



I wanted to draw this earlier but couldn’t figure out how to draw me asleep without it looking stupid. I like this one though.

Witch Time

* magic poof *

you now have the gay! enjoy!

Artists Assemble!

listed here we have from right to left:

I gave everyone their tool of choice for drawing, which is why you guys saw me throwing out those “what do you use to draw the fate of the universe blah blah blah” messages. I think they’re all clear but in case they aren’t, I have a pencil, campfires has his apple pencil, squeakwee has her drawing tablet stylus, horus and craftable have the two halves of the MS paint icon, and orsome has his phone.

originally I was going to try drawing two dark elves, one for squeakwee and one for PhantomMod, but the piece was taking too long already and there was just barely not enough room for both of them between craftable and campfires. I ended up choosing squeakwee over phantommod because her dyes were simpler to do since there wasn’t any clover cloth or starry leggings. sorry!

I also wanted to include SoloSen and YesButNo but there just wasn’t enough room on my page and it wasn’t happening :c


new outfit because I can, also it’s getting colder outside anyway.

I drew pajamas

I’d probably not be a great roommate :sweat_smile:

I'm in time out

I don’t think she liked being woken up, but it was cute so it was worth it :3






These flowers smell very very sweet, I could sit here smelling them forever :3

I'm a mermaid now!

did you know mermaids don’t have to wear pants? ever?

Summer outfit?

do these pants make my butt look fat? I need to look thicc af for… reasons ;3

(this one took forever to get the face to look right, and I still don’t know what went wrong after hours of fiddling. I just know the problem magically went away somehow)

I'm a mermaid again!

there is no context.

Test hi

one of my classes this semester has “drawing tablet” under “required materials”, so now I have a drawing tablet + a student copy of photoshop. the sketching phase is definitely 5 million times easier now, line art and coloring phase I’m less sure about. in the past I’ve been using the path tool in gimp to make the lines exactly how I want, and while photoshop does have an equivalent in the pen tool it’s more frustrating to work with somehow.

this image was made entirely start to finish with the drawing tablet, no pen/path tool used during any step. let me know if you can spot any differences and/or have anything to comment on this style/approach. my next image will be my attempt at recreating the same image (sorry if you were expecting originality out of me) with photoshop’s pen tool, and during that process hopefully I’ll make it work for me one way or the other and then hopefully I’ll be able to decide one way or the other which approach I plan on using from here on out.

Test hi pt. 2

like I said I would, here’s exactly the same image done using my normal path-based approach. fortunately I did manage to figure out how to transplant my workflow experience from gimp into photoshop: apparently the “convert point” tool functions mostly how I’m used to path editing previously, which I would absolutely not have guessed from the name.

I’ll probably stick with paths for lineart, doing it the way I did last time sacrifices post-drawing malleability so once the line is drawn you can’t easily change it. I’d imagine the way to bypass this is to do 2 sketch layers, one loose and messy like my current sketch layer and one super refined sketch that’s more or less exactly where the lineart would go. the malleability would come from fussing with that refined sketch layer than the lineart layer. but tbh paths just seem better suited to someone like me who can be extremely fussy about getting things looking just right because there’s fewer steps to undo to get back into line changes, and that other option sounds like a lot of unnecessary work now that I figured out how to make photoshop paths behave the way I’m used to.


More mermaid because mermaids are pretty omg

Winter coat

I finally put on something a bit more appropriate for the season! Also I promise I’m not hiding anything behind my back :3


What is she thinking about? Who knows!

That was my facial expression irl when trying to decide on a facial expression to use for the drawing.

Om nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom


me wearing my custom netherite armor from minecraft

Other art (everything else):

Mistral (original)

Mistral is a sage who specializes in wind magic. Sages are known for being very wise and level-headed and all that good stuff, except she’s completely new to this and has none of those traits.

Storyteller (original)

The Storyteller is the last sentient construct left behind by a dead civilization. The Storyteller is charged with passing on the story of its people, and the true nature of the universe.

Monster Hunter (MH4U)

as much as I like the result, there’s so many little details that this took forever compared to the extremely simple outfits that spook and my ninja wear. don’t expect to see this character again for a very long time, if ever. this is supposed to be a full esurient z armor set (savage deviljho), but I couldn’t find a good reference image to show you what it looks like in-game so this is the best you’re getting.

Torkoal (Pokemon)

…there’s really not much to say about it lmao

Mistral, again

brief bio:

  • sage who specializes in wind magic
  • not her given name because sages can’t use those
  • wireless
  • shy until you talk about something she likes and then can’t shut up
  • least sage-like sage to have ever lived
  • washable, do not tumble dry
  • headpat champion of 2069
Earth and Venus ("original")


these two characters are supposed to represent the different characteristics the two planets have. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not 100% satisfied with this one but whatever :woman_shrugging:

Team Magma Grunt (Pokemon)

I was playing a pokemon emerald randomizer a while back and the female magma grunts were a lot cuter than I thought they were so I wanted to draw one for a while but then I got distracted. she’s still cute though catlove

Chaos Knight (original)

(both of these characters are the “same” person)

The Chaos Knight is the strongest knight under the King’s command due to the unnatural powers they wield from their patron god, the embodiment of chaos. Or at least, they were the strongest knight until the entire planet was razed and conquered by a rogue fleet of Drasnas, an alien race with such incredible technological superiority that resistance was frankly suicidal. The Chaos Knight was unwittingly rescued by Bill Hopley, a human from another planet where relations with the Drasnas are strained, but not hostile.

Having not quite grasped the concept of free will, the Chaos Knight then swears allegiance to Bill despite his protests since there isn’t a king to serve anymore. The Knight’s patron god assures them that while this may seem like an tragic setback, it’s the beginning of a much grander story with far greater tasks ahead of them, a story with a far larger scope than a single kingdom on a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere.

"Jo" (original)

I never decided on a name for this thing so let’s just call it… Jo.

Also known as The Shipyard Scourge, these pests are by far the most hazardous threat to interstellar travel. They start from a very very small egg, smaller than a grain of rice, that can easily be blown about with the dust to settle in some forgotten nook out of sight where it remains dormant for anywhere between 50 and 150 years. The eggs are also notoriously impenetrable to virtually all means of automated detection or scanning, meaning they have to be spotted manually and not get mistaken for a bit of dandruff or something in order to be removed. Between the long incubation period and the difficulty of detection, they have been mistakenly declared extinct on multiple occasions.

After hatching the tiny larvae seek power systems to feed off of, growing dramatically over a long period of time. As they grow, the eventually switch to consuming various metals used either in the shipyard or for hull material. At first they corrosively melt small outer portions resulting in only slightly weakened structural integrity, and eventually grow large enough to tear large chunks of metal off. Particularly powerful specimens rip out entire weapons systems directly to use in self-defense, powering them with their own electricity-producing abilities that develop in later stages.

Immediately upon reaching maturity, the adult releases a gigantic explosion of lightning which shorts out most, if not all automated means of defense. It then flies about the shipyard tearing up anything and everything it can get its claws on, docked ships included, spewing millions of eggs as it does so. The chaos not only distracts from the goal of producing as many eggs as possible, but also opens up new hiding spots for the eggs to hide in from which the next cycle begins. They do not appear to need mates in order to reproduce, as only 4 events have been recorded in the entire galaxy in which more than one reached adulthood at once. Adults never survive longer than 24 hours. As powerful and dangerous to confront as they are they’re no match for a properly prepared military response, especially given that their vulnerability to extreme cold has become standard knowledge.

Fortunately these days incidents where one reaches full maturity are very rare, but it is always after someone gets complacent about the threat that one finally makes a comeback.

Updated Chaos Blade

This was a 3D modeling assignment for one of my classes!

reference drawing, both for 3D modeling and for future Chaos Knight drawings

Arnold render with some basic settings and a few material tweaks to my existing texture map

Jade (original)

For reasons I’m not going to disclose, I recently had reason to quickly throw together a new character of sorts and the result is something I quite like. So I decided to draw her since that sort of “solidifies” her in my imagination somewhat by putting the idea into something real. Here she is:

Jade is an extremely social person who loves being around other people as much as possible. She frequently invites herself to her friend’s places or vice versa just to be around the people she likes some more. Even if they don’t end up doing anything together, just sitting in the same room being aware of each other is good enough for her. She also won’t hesitate to walk up to someone she has never seen before and strike up a conversation if they seem even remotely interesting and/or attractive in an attempt to make a new friend. Most of these conversations don’t turn into anything long-term but she enjoys making the effort regardless.

Because she’s so people-dependent, she’s also extremely susceptible to loneliness when being away from others for long periods of time. She’s the sort of person who’d call you at 3 AM with a lump in her throat about not being around friends when the more sensibly minded you would respond with “why aren’t you asleep?” question. As a result she periodically ends up asleep on other people’s couches instead of her own bed at home because she can’t sleep alone. Despite these emotional needs for personal attachment, she currently has no interest in finding a single partner to settle down with. She prefers keeping in touch with her entire social circle instead of singling out a romantic favorite. She’s not entirely opposed to the idea but just isn’t feeling it.

Also as a lesser demon, she has some quirks in regards to her own body. She has no special powers to speak of, but is still technically immortal. Even if something kills her off she just reappears somewhere nearby without ceremony. Very few people have actually witnessed this happening, but it’s jarring to experience nonetheless. As a result of this, she’s much more indifferent to experiencing physical pain and/or other horrific bodily injuries than you’d reasonably expect.

Borg Mamel (Shiren the Wanderer)

A couple weeks ago towards the end of the steam winter sale I picked up Crypt of the Necrodancer because it was cheap and I was curious if I’d be into it. I finally got around to trying it recently and to total shock and surprise, one of the built-in skins you can choose from is Shiren the Wanderer of all people. I had no idea there was someone out there who actually liked the game enough to put a reference that overt into their own game. This nostalgia baited me into revisiting the game to play it a bit since I still have the DS cartridge with my save data on it. My understanding is that Shiren was sort of like the Demon Souls of roguelikes: no one played it and it was initially panned when it came out, but gained a sliver of retroactive praise after more popular games brought mainstream attention to the genre. The fact that Demon Souls got a remake recently muddies the picture but it’s the best analogy I have.

Borg Mamel is the final unlockable ally character in Shiren the Wanderer. It is a robotic version of the weakest enemy in the game, but with rocket thrusters on its back and can level up to a frankly insane degree by giving it a bafflingly difficult to complete checklist of items. To unlock Borg Mamel, you have to clear the dreaded Final Puzzle: a 99 floor dungeon containing nearly every horrible monster in the game where literally every item you encounter is unidentified and can only be understood by trial and error, deductive reasoning, and shop prices if you’re lucky enough to find one. And some of these items range from “instantly creates a monster house and dump you in the middle of it” to “if you throw this at an enemy it’ll permanently remove all copies of it and every variant of it for the rest of the dungeon”. I have beaten the Final Puzzle 3 times, and for 2 of them I had to use a rescue password generator to revive me once.

To give you an idea of how completely unknown Shiren apparently is in general, I had the hardest time finding any reference images for either Borg Mamel or even regular Mamels. I couldn’t even find a sprite sheet for Borg Mamel ffs! I could not find any other image of Borg Mamel across the entirety of the internet besides a standing forward-facing sprite, which means that this image I have just created is the only Borg Mamel fanart on the internet. I guess that’s an achievement of sorts.

For comparison, this is what a regular Mamel looks like:

Mistral, yet again (original)

Mistral, yet again

took another stab for a few reasons, first being that I’m just better now in general, second is that I’ve gotten the hang of using reference images so I could make things fluffier, and third is that I’ve added lightning to her arsenal in addition to wind so I could add a new accent color. I originally wanted to draw her standing on her gf’s shoulders but a) given that I don’t draw necks that’d be kind of difficult, b) that’d make a really tall image, and c) I haven’t quite worked out what she looks like other than “muscles”, which don’t even show up when in my art style.

super brief bio on Mistral: she’s what you get when someone simultaneously has the power to level an entire city with a thunderstorm (or at least one of our cities anyway, cities on her planet are built to handle that kind of thing much better) and the worst case of imposter syndrome you’ve ever seen.

Future Robot (Hello Penguin 2 HD)

long time ago I played this silly little game called Hello Penguin. basically if you type in “hello penguin” you win, and if you type in “goodbye penguin”, bad things happen to you. there was also a sequel called Hello Penguin 2: an epic saga of 4 heroes vs the out-of-control penguin for the sake of reality, unreality, and everything in between. but catastrophically, all save files come with a save immediately before the final boss fight of the game, and there doesn’t seem to be a “delete save” option in the menu. you fight the Fallen Angel Penguin, Galaxy Penguin, and Penguin Reborn in a climactic final boss fight in typical turn-based RPG combat. your party consists of Pumpkin Knight, Clark, Cagefuck, and this character, Future Robot. despite being a free, fun little baby indie game, I actually quite liked the character design of this Future Robot character and thought I might like to draw it some time. never did though.

skip forward in time to a month or two ago and something made me remember Hello Penguin 1 and 2, and I went to go check it out again since I had deleted the downloads some time ago. to my astonishment, there was a whole new Hello Penguin game: Hello Penguin 2 HD! and honestly, HP2 HD is pretty great. like, the original was a bit of a shitty spoof that was ironically enjoyable, but the remake is actually quite polished and fun to play. it’s still not very long since they didn’t get that save state bug fixed, but it’s worth a look at nonetheless. it’s also got me wondering some things on game design/storytelling levels to see if they might be worth expanding on, though I haven’t gotten anything worth bringing up yet. seeing the game once again also reignited my desire to draw Future Robot, and this time I actually followed through.

itch page for Hello Penguin 2 HD: https://noxid.itch.io/2hd

Lexie (original)

I drew a person inspired by this cat called “Rex” in this mobile game I have. I’m definitely not satisfied with how the hood and mask turned out here but I gave up trying to figure out what was wrong. I’m fairly certain the mask needs to be bigger, but I don’t know how to fit it any bigger without the eyes getting in the way. I had a lot of fun with her hair though. If I ever draw her again it will almost certainly be with hood down and mask off. I currently have no idea what she’s like personality-wise, I just drew a character for the sake of drawing a character this time.

Rex for reference looks like this:

[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate

don’t need to keep the list here anymore :)

I’ll leave the reply here in case I get demoted or something tho


Omg xak its cute like you


I can’t exactly understand the reacted once I think I should look up the word expletives…

Edit: I searched it up… I still don’t understand it. Is that person in a void or something?


Is she covering her ears with her hands in the last panel? You should ignore more people for her sanity


If you look at the previous panel you’ll notice that someone offered a ring of decades to anyone who spammed the n word. The “expletives redacted” text bubble is someone taking him up on that offer.

Yup! I did end up blocking all these people but that doesn’t stop 10 more from taking their place.


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its sad how bad the chat is …or more so, its sad how these people actually exist. but hey, 7.4 billion people. gotta have some fucksups here and there


Can I steal the last picture(about the stupid people during events) and share it with any of my non ROTMG playing friends who want to know what the game is about? :stuck_out_tongue:


Insert ludfru getting stunned here


depends on what you mean by “steal”. credit would be nice tho

your wish is my command:



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Eeeeee you’re drawing again! And you improved too! Sen is very pleased :heart:


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Knowing you, and knowing what you’d probably use them for, I’m gonna go with a solid “No”.


just read the comic.

i actually havent heard any of the sexist? “jokes”… is realm community getting even worse?

the clock one doesnt make sense, does that mean after 12 they aren’t “ready for the cock”


maybe, idk I’m not the one who said it

though it wouldn’t surprise me if a pedophile lost interest in someone after 12


For me, it has been more or less the same in the year and a bit I have played. USS is a particularly bad server for sexism racism and general idiocy - my experience only.


Great drawings, I love your art style.