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I finished the rest of the project this truck was a part of. here’s some screenshots from the completed set in unreal:


It reminds me of mvm_autumnull!



What is she thinking about? Who knows! Leave a guess below!

That was my facial expression irl when trying to decide on a facial expression to use for the drawing.


“how to find mermaid references without being absorbed into scrolling through mermaid pictures for 2,37e+3 hours”



I drew a person inspired by this cat called “Rex” in this mobile game I have. I’m definitely not satisfied with how the hood and mask turned out here but I gave up trying to figure out what was wrong. I’m fairly certain the mask needs to be bigger, but I don’t know how to fit it any bigger without the eyes getting in the way. I had a lot of fun with her hair though. If I ever draw her again it will almost certainly be with hood down and mask off. I currently have no idea what she’s like personality-wise, I just drew a character for the sake of drawing a character this time.

Rex for reference looks like this:


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I promise I’m not dead. it’s just that, as you may remember, I draw very infrequently because it’s not that big an interest of mine and it can be emotionally taxing to push myself when things aren’t looking right yet. but the thing is, I haven’t really stopped drawing, it’s just that the ones I’ve drawn in the meantime are ones I can’t or don’t want to show you. even if I’m not dead though, the forum is pretty dead. most of the people I talk to regularly aren’t even going to see this post because they don’t use the forum either. so like, what’s the point of continuing to post? idk I just haven’t picked an alternative place to dump pictures yet. I have no idea what to do with this thread anymore since very few people are going to see it, and even fewer are going to care.


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The sounds of Thanksgiving.

and blessed content Catlor as evolution from thinking Catlor



oh god how could you…


like this!

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the netherite armor model in minecraft is horrendous. it’s overshaded and formless and blurry and one of the worst things I’ve seen. it’s so bad that on seeing it I immediately had to put my slightly better sprite art ability to work and find out how to make a texture pack for myself. while I was at it I also swapped out all regular helmets for some basic headbands because the default helmet texture has also always seriously bugged me. this is me in my own custom netherite armor:


this is what the actual thing looks like:


You are not immune to ⠀⠀tumby
So cute!!


what’s the pack? were do you find your packs?


I made it myself


The character looks like the neko art, very adorable! =^•-•^=

Wish I knew art skills, but terribly lacking talent…