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Hehe I love the group drawing, definitely quite some diversity going on in Realmeye’s Fan-Artist department ^-^ Good job on it~ :>


Ngl I kind of want to try drawing


Do it!


it’s the year 2034, i am the last remaining survivor. no one is safe. everyone is an artist. no matter what, every one falls victim to the trend eventually.

one cannot stop it. you either survive or succumb to its lure, the temptation of the brush, the attraction to the pencil.

i can feel it.
i am already starting to lose myself to the outbreak of art. it won’t be long before i, too, become a mindless slave of requests and art block.

in fact, it’s already too late.

yo orsome what the ever living fuck did you just write


As my number of deaths incrases to a godly level, i think the game wants me to make ppes

I can’t stop it. I must do a ppe.


Make Priest 2: Electric Boogaloo
-This post was made by the Priest Gang


I revisited Mistral, a character from the game I’d like to make one day. I wanted to redesign her because her older outfit was kinda plain and I feel like I’m a lot better now than when I did the first one. it’s not rotmg, but I like her anyway :P

Mistral, again

brief bio:

  • sage who specializes in wind magic
  • not her given name because sages can’t use those
  • wireless
  • shy until you talk about something she likes and then can’t shut up
  • least sage-like sage to have ever lived
  • washable, do not tumble dry
  • headpat champion of 2069


I’d 8/8 it whenever DECA wants to drop a new class. Does she have bluetooth?


Me, already planning to use King Crimson to skip to 2069 and steal that very title:


No, she brushes her teeth every day :3


Me irl


On a side note bc I didn’t address this in my previous response,

I feel called out


I’d guess a lot of us could relate to that since there’s so many introverted forum lurkers around here.


I’ve lost all my socialism from rotmg…


Good. The only good commie is a dead commie.


Bumper car





new outfit because I can, also it’s getting colder outside anyway.

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uwu tiddies