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(uwu) tiddies
you forgot the brackets




it’s been a while since I’ve drawn something, partially because I haven’t had any inspiration, partially because of the end-of-semester grind, and partially because I chose to draw something as my final project in astronomy. this made it feel like any time I start drawing I should be working on the assignment instead of something personal. whether that was a good idea or not, I did it anyway and I finished it today so here you go:

Earth and Venus


these two characters are supposed to represent the different characteristics the two planets have. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not 100% satisfied with this one but whatever :woman_shrugging:

with that out of the way I can go back to whatever I want to do again. seelpit and horuskane may or may not know what it is already.


damn bruv it was well worth the wait


time to recycle and preserve water; anything to protect Earth’s smile

Also because its been five minutes since I've used this meme, but it compliments the touches of detail.


Your space backround is so much better than the one I did a while ago :heart:


that is the one part I didn’t do myself, I just grabbed a generic starry background image. everything else is my own though.


Still looks neat! I like how you tried to represent these planets in a human-like form, sometimes that’s not easy or straightforward to do, so great job on it~ x)

Oh man, as for a space/starry background? I’ve always loved doing those, painting the sky has always been a fun hobby for me, and you can probably see that from a couple of my old drawings. Not gonna lie, it is kind of difficult to get it right, so I understand the need to just snatch an image and paste it there haha


Hey this is the one you posted in that one discord


ha Ha ha ! Foolish Photonless Area Modification.

(from https://twitter.com/BSApricot/status/1118206994605846534)


bruh idk if I just don’t know or if my brain is being big dumb

interested in seeing it nonetheless


Little did poor Earth know that in a split second of getting near any of them, she would be reduced to mush and atoms D:


wow that describes me around cute girls so well notlikemiya



So I’m guessing around mirrors as well? ;)


I finally finished something and guess what? it’s still not rotmg-related pikadab

honestly at this point, I’m considering renaming the thread, as soon as I can come up with a name that is simultaneously non-generic and not stilted af. anyway

Team Magma Grunt

I was playing a pokemon emerald randomizer a while back and the female magma grunts were a lot cuter than I thought they were so I wanted to draw one for a while but then I got distracted. she’s still cute though catlove

I have an idea for my next one, but idk when I’ll get around to it and it’s definitely not rotmg related still. unless you count my “ninja” character, but at this point she’s so disconnected from the game now idk if that counts.


Pokemon? OwO


what he said


I drew pajamas

I’d probably not be a great roommate :sweat_smile: