Xaklor's Art Pile


After almost a month the cat goddess graces us again


I made a follow-up to the previous picture:

I’m in time out

I don’t think she liked being woken up, but it was cute so it was worth it :3

on an entirely unrelated note, between this picture and the previous one, this thread turned 1 year old. wow! there is noticeable improvement between when I started and where I’m at now. I’m glad I don’t draw like I did back then anymore because holy heck notlikemiya


I still think all your art is amazing even if you don’t like how you drew before.


Catlor: Content 100

also totes didn't think of this when seeing that sign



Thas me






I made another original character from the same game Mistral’s supposed to be from. I had to do a lot of fussing with the color palette since I didn’t have as clear an idea for what this character was supposed to look like, but it was fun nonetheless.

Chaos Knight:

(both of these characters are the “same” person)

The Chaos Knight is the strongest knight under the King’s command due to the unnatural powers they wield from their patron god, the embodiment of chaos. Or at least, they were the strongest knight until the entire planet was razed and conquered by a rogue fleet of Drasnas, an alien race with such incredible technological superiority that resistance was frankly suicidal. The Chaos Knight was unwittingly rescued by Bill Hopley, a human from another planet where relations with the Drasnas are strained, but not hostile.

Having not quite grasped the concept of free will, the Chaos Knight then swears allegiance to Bill despite his protests since there isn’t a king to serve anymore. The Knight’s patron god assures them that while this may seem like an tragic setback, it’s the beginning of a much grander story with far greater tasks ahead of them, a story with a far larger scope than a single kingdom on a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere.




These flowers smell very very sweet, I could sit here smelling them forever :3



Sneaky lesbian flag in those colours >:3


I’m so gay my heart turns to mush whenever I see two cute girls together and I love it


These are so kawaii


I’m a mermaid now!:

don’t worry it’s not a permanent change, it’s just that something about it appeals to me and I wanted to indulge my own desires a little bit. I think the catgirl look suits me better but I like this too.

also I’m finally going to rename and reorganize this thread considering it’s very unlikely I’ll be doing anything particularly “rotmg” anytime soon.

(maybe I should look into putting my art somewhere actually suited for art at some point too…)


Cool art, cool thread. Thanks for bumping so I could see :3


That looks way too adorable :'3


That looks way too adorable


bruh now xaklor’s head looks bald despite the amount of hair


Bruh now I can’t unsee it…


Summer outfit?:

do these pants make my butt look fat? I need to look thicc af for… reasons ;3

(this one took forever to get the face to look right, and I still don’t know what went wrong after hours of fiddling. I just know the problem magically went away somehow)


Much too cute ;A;


i think seelpit likes xaklor