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Bold of you to assume I don’t sometimes yearn to lay on a big bed with early sunshine sneaking through the curtains as I giggily cuddle with an adorable girl that gives me a whole bunch of feelings anytime she smiles at me.


xaklor smiles at you?


The scene you described could just as easily be platonic… lol


was it not supposed to be?


this is blatantly filler content as I haven’t drawn anything new since the last one. however, it is something I have semi-recently decided I’m never going to end up turning into a refined digital image like what you’ve seen so far. but despite that I still like the concept and how it turned out enough to share anyway. I made this… about a year ago? turns out trying to do something fuzzy with a mouse is absolute hell, but it also wouldn’t be the same without it :\

I also never decided on a name for this thing so let’s just call it… Jo.

also now you get to see the difference in quality between what I put on paper and what my finished result looks like notlikeblob


Also known as The Shipyard Scourge, these pests are by far the most hazardous threat to interstellar travel. They start from a very very small egg, smaller than a grain of rice, that can easily be blown about with the dust to settle in some forgotten nook out of sight where it remains dormant for anywhere between 50 and 150 years. The eggs are also notoriously impenetrable to virtually all means of automated detection or scanning, meaning they have to be spotted manually and not get mistaken for a bit of dandruff or something in order to be removed. Between the long incubation period and the difficulty of detection, they have been mistakenly declared extinct on multiple occasions.

After hatching the tiny larvae seek power systems to feed off of, growing dramatically over a long period of time. As they grow, the eventually switch to consuming various metals used either in the shipyard or for hull material. At first they corrosively melt small outer portions resulting in only slightly weakened structural integrity, and eventually grow large enough to tear large chunks of metal off. Particularly powerful specimens rip out entire weapons systems directly to use in self-defense, powering them with their own electricity-producing abilities that develop in later stages.

Immediately upon reaching maturity, the adult releases a gigantic explosion of lightning which shorts out most, if not all automated means of defense. It then flies about the shipyard tearing up anything and everything it can get its claws on, docked ships included, spewing millions of eggs as it does so. The chaos not only distracts from the goal of producing as many eggs as possible, but also opens up new hiding spots for the eggs to hide in from which the next cycle begins. They do not appear to need mates in order to reproduce, as only 4 events have been recorded in the entire galaxy in which more than one reached adulthood at once. Adults never survive longer than 24 hours. As powerful and dangerous to confront as they are they’re no match for a properly prepared military response, especially given that their vulnerability to extreme cold has become standard knowledge.

Fortunately these days incidents where one reaches full maturity are very rare, but it is always after someone gets complacent about the threat that one finally makes a comeback.


I’m a mermaid again!:

there is no context.



I was too lazy to do the other one but this was an all-important addition nonetheless



perhaps its an insider thing, or are they not supposed to be pearls


I did originally intend to use pearls yes but seelpit wants me to flex how GAY I am on all of you


Test hi

one of my classes this semester has “drawing tablet” under “required materials”, so now I have a drawing tablet + a student copy of photoshop. the sketching phase is definitely 5 million times easier now, line art and coloring phase I’m less sure about. in the past I’ve been using the path tool in gimp to make the lines exactly how I want, and while photoshop does have an equivalent in the pen tool it’s more frustrating to work with somehow.

this image was made entirely start to finish with the drawing tablet, no pen/path tool used during any step. let me know if you can spot any differences and/or have anything to comment on this style/approach. my next image will be my attempt at recreating the same image (sorry if you were expecting originality out of me) with photoshop’s pen tool, and during that process hopefully I’ll make it work for me one way or the other and then hopefully I’ll be able to decide one way or the other which approach I plan on using from here on out.



literally me trying to edit videos.

i shit u not, every video project ive done working alone (which is how i like it tbh) has just been me going through teh script start to finish, until I get it right.
I do not have the patience for editing


bell pepper brush is the strangest, most useless feature I have ever seen in an image editing program. seriously wtf is it doing there?


It is the single most important brush that GIMP has to offer, and it’s in the name.










idk if it’s just cause of the hand, but your tail seems to’ve gotten slightly bigger.
also insert comment about arm behind boobs implying growth here


The only thing I could spot was the shading on the hair. It circles the entire head unlike your old design where it covers only a portion.

49%20AM 35%20AM
Left is old, right is new. New one seems to have a better resolution, but that could just be the canvas settings. I can’t find anything else.


yes, that was actually a mistake I only noticed after I had finished it, it was not a conscious change. had it been done with paths instead of being brushed on normally I could have tweaked it easily but that was not the case this time around

although if you were to examine them this closely I’d have thought you would call out the unevenness of the second flower compared to the first :notlikeblob:


I guess I just looked over it as natural change, where something like wind could shake up the form a little. The inner part of flower looks very different, but I saw it as a consistency error since it’s probably one of my own biggest flaws when it comes to drawing. I don’t think there’s much else to comment on as there aren’t too many differences and I already like your drawing style.