Xaklor's RotMG Fanart




gibe skin


It is done.



wasn’t planning on it because it’s a picture I’ve already done with a witch hat hastily edited onto it, but @Four wanted it so here:





okay so…

I don’t even remember what prompted the hastily-edited witch hat image above, but I really wanted to do a more refined version because this idea seems super cute. I know it’s not even october yet, but I swear this isn’t actually halloween related. it’s just cuteness.

Witch Time:

* magic poof *

you now have the gay! enjoy!

Orsome's very serious art thread

This is the magic Xaklor of the good.
You will have a good time, there is no condition to be met.


Great, now Xak has become J.K. Rowling. What next, President Xaklor?


objection: I don’t like harry potter and resent the comparison

this one I don’t get, who normally goes in that spot?


harry potter is normie trash I agree

also Xaklor 2020




Honestly suprised there’s no Shatter fanart fantasies here.





this was supposed to be a low-effort drawing, but four thought it was cute and wanted it colored and I eventually finished it like I would most other stuff. I still didn’t take the time to make it perfect, but w/e have some content:


…there’s really not much to say about it lmao

I am working on something much more substantial, but it’s taking a while because there’s so much to it compared to most of my other stuff :eyes:


jade statue looks like that pokemon

oh yes golurk


everytime I see a torkoal I just think of this

dude sunk like a rock type


Ah, Torkoal…the ones who got angry due to eachother in the Magma Zone in Poképark Wii…



if you take a look around you may have noticed a semi-recent trend in starting up art threads all over the place (it was more topical when I started okay ;-;).

so I decided I wanted to do something with that, only it turns out I sorta bit off more than I could chew. this took so much longer than I expected it to, and I didn’t even get to include everyone that I wanted to because I got impatient and I physically ran out of room on my piece of paper.

Artists Assemble!:

listed here we have from right to left:

I gave everyone their tool of choice for drawing, which is why you guys saw me throwing out those “what do you use to draw the fate of the universe blah blah blah” messages. I think they’re all clear but in case they aren’t, I have a pencil, campfires has his apple pencil, squeakwee has her drawing tablet stylus, horus and craftable have the two halves of the MS paint icon, and orsome has his phone.

originally I was going to try drawing two dark elves, one for squeakwee and one for @PhantomMod, but the piece was taking too long already and there was just barely not enough room for both of them between craftable and campfires. I ended up choosing squeakwee over phantommod because her dyes were simpler to do since there wasn’t any clover cloth or starry leggings. sorry!

I also wanted to include @SoloSen and @YesButNo but there just wasn’t enough room on my page and it wasn’t happening :c

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

This is awesome! Nice job! :heart::heart::heart: